Under the Willow Tree

It's the beginning of senior year and Coraline Stevenson, or Cora, is as ready as ever to get started. She has her head in the books until a new boy comes along and discovers her secret studying place under the great big willow in the back of the school. They begin to hang out nearly every single day and she starts to fall for him. But her past comes back to haunt her. Will she be able to move on and hope to begin anew with the new kid?


1. First Last Day

Cora's POV

Backpack: check. Laptop: check. Lunch: check. Purse: check. Keys: uhhhh missing. Where in the world are my keys?! I've had this car for two weeks and I have already lost my keys five times in that span! Ughh. I run back up to my room and check everywhere. They aren't on my bedside table, not on my dresser, not even on my makeup mirror... How do I keep losing these! They have every possible noise maker on them! Then I hear my cow mooing from down the hall. I rush to the baby's room. There they were, in my little sister's hand. "Leighaaa! Sweet pea you can't keep taking my keys from me. I need these." I said as I grabbed the keys swinging from her mouth. "Oraaa. I wants!" She said as she started to cry. I reached over and grabbed her set of toy keys and handed them to her. She snatched them up and put them in her mouth. I kissed the top of her head saying, "I love you Leigha!" She latched onto my legs as I started to leave. I grabbed her up and put her in her bed. 


I ran back downstairs, now running fifteen minutes late on the first day of school. Good job Cor.. You've never been late a day in your life and now you're really late. I gathered everything into my backpack, slung it over my shoulder, grabbed a banana as I headed out the door and locked it behind me. I jogged down the steps to my purple PT Cruiser I got for my seventeenth birthday. I unlocked it, threw my bag into the passenger's seat and got in. I started the car, plugged in my iPhone and turned up my music as I pulled away from the curb. 

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