Our Insane Lives

Meet the students of California Coast High; class of 2013. From Jocks to Princesses and Nerds to Bullies, this school has some serious problems. Suddenly, one of the students is dying and a very special guest falls in love with 3 girls! Will it all turn out just fine?
Co-Author: Molly.1d


2. Bus Stop

Ben's P.O.V

I woke up to find myself in the hospital. Everyone was there, Braydon, Jarod, Noah, Lauren, Aimee, Charlotte, Jade, Shae, Molly and even Joe. They were all crowding around me. I was confused. What was I doing in the hospital? Suddenly, my Mum, Dad and sister entered the room. "Ben, sweetie, are you ok?" my Mum said, softly. "Yeah.....I'm.....fine..... What.......am.......I.......do........ing......in......here?" My voice was crooked, there was definitely something wrong. "Ok, don't freak out," said Braydon. "You've got Cancer." he continued. "Yeah, and it's brain cancer. There's pretty much nothing they can do about it." said Charlotte, with tears in her eyes. Finally, the doctor came in and said, "Ok people, let Mr. Jolly have some rest and he shall be out in about 3 days."

Fiorenza's P.O.V

Where is everyone? I'm like the only cool person in the class right now. Oh wait, I AM the only cool person in the class. Those bitches are probably off somewhere making out with their boy/girlfriend. Lauren and Joe. Jade and Noah. Shae and Braydon. So almost all of my crushes, taken. At least nobody will take Benjamin Mitri, and he's a keeper. Suddenly, the phone rings; I go to answer it, pick it up and on the other end of the line are Aimee and Charlotte. "BEN JOLLY'S IN HOSPITAL!" yelled Charlotte. I smiled to myself, man I hate Ben Jolly.

Aimee's P.O.V

Well, this is awkward. Lauren and Joe are in the back making out; same with Shae and Braydon. Jade and Noah are just looking at each other, having a moment. Then, Charlotte, Jarod, Molly and I are just sitting here awkwardly at the front of the bus. It's actually quite funny. Then, suddenly, the bus makes a massive stop and hits another bus. This sends Charlotte to the floor, Shae and Braydon and Joe and Lauren closer together and Jade and Noah kissing.

Jade's P.O.V

I opened my eyes. Had I just fainted? Everybody was standing over me. "What happened?" I asked them. Then Jarod replied "the bus hit another bus and you and Noah kissed, but then something smashed you in the back of the head, knocking you out." "Wow," I replied. "So, where are we now?" I asked, clueless. "Back at school;" said Lauren quietly. But how did we get back here if the bus crashed?" I said. "Noah carried you back." said Charlotte. "It was so sweet." said Molly, using her high pitched voice. "So, where is Noah?" I asked, impatiently. "Um, I think he went to get something." replied Braydon, annoyed.

Noah's P.O.V

I walked back to class to get something out of my bag. When I finally reached my bag, I pulled out a necklace. It had a pretty heart on it with J+N engraved on it. I just hope Jade likes it. I ran back to where everybody was crowded around Jade. To my relief, she had woken up. I gave Lauren and Aimee a look that basically said "get Jade to talk to me." Lauren nodded and helped Jade up, and Aimee wiped all the dirt off her face and back. Then Lauren whispered something into her ear. Charlotte, being smart, came up to me and said she knew what was going on and could Jade have a friend with her. I said one and it had to be Lauren.

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