Our Insane Lives

Meet the students of California Coast High; class of 2013. From Jocks to Princesses and Nerds to Bullies, this school has some serious problems. Suddenly, one of the students is dying and a very special guest falls in love with 3 girls! Will it all turn out just fine?
Co-Author: Molly.1d


4. Athletics Day - Part 1

Aimee's P.O.V

I didn't feel like biking to school today. So I bussed. When I got to school, Jade and Sarah were stretching, Lauren was chasing Charlotte around and Amelie was just sitting there like, what's going on? So I started to stretch with Jade and Sarah. Then the bell rang and every one else arrived. We went outside and sat in lines. It was boring. Then Miss Gwyn told us what we were doing after the 400 meter and 800 meter runs. Jade and Sarah did them.

Sarah's P.O.V

 I was on the last lap out of 3 for the 800 meter race. It was tiring so I slowed down a bit. Just then Jade came sprinting up behind me; so I started sprinting aswell. But just as we came up to the finish line, Jade just got in front of me. Great. That means she got through to Bay Suburbs and I didn't. I felt sad on the inside but I didn't show it. Jade came up to me and said "nice race," and held out her hand; so I gave her a hi-5. Then all the Year 6 girls went off to the first activity: Sprints. Yay.

Shae's P.O.V

It was time for the sprints. Aimee, Cassie and I are the 3 fastest girls at our school. So, only 2 possible things to stop me from winning. Finally, Miss Long chose me to go in a race. I lined up, waiting for the clapper to, well, clap. I started running. About halfway through, Aimee started pulling ahead of me. So I started sprinting. I pulled ahead of Aimee just at the last second. So I won. Then Braydon came up to me and said "Good job." And all the girls went "Aww!" 
It was soooo embarrassing. Then I won the next race, which meant that I would be in the final race, later on in the day. Then we all went and had morning tea...

Fiorenza's P.O.V

My mum came to support me during the sprints for athletics day. It was so embarrassing. She then went to talk to Miss Gwyn about how Charlotte, Molly, Lauren, Emily, Leslie, Aimee, Jade, Ashlee,  Amelie and Sarah have been bullying me. Kicking and punching me to be precise. But they haven't, so I'm gonna be in trouble with them.  I just said that they did so my mum would go in to talk about it to Miss Gwyn. I'm such a good liar. And I left out the bits about me being awful to them. I'm so evil. Mwah ha ha ha ha!

Molly's P.O.V

Long Jump was next. It was kinda fun, but kinda boring. We had to make the 3 meter mark to get into Bay Suburbs. AND; we had to go in last name in ALPHABETICAL ORDER. I was a little bit behind Lauren and a little bit in-front of Jade. Since my last name was Siddells, I was one of the last to go. It was boring; having to wait so long. Finally it was my turn, I kinda liked Long jump, and I was good at it, so I got 2 meters 65 centimeters. But it was sad, because you had to get at least 3 meters to make it to Bay Suburbs. 

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