Calling for Freedom

A collection of poems that I've been wanting to write for such a long time. It's about the biggest misery in this century, it's a misery and a revolution that calls for freedom at the same time. The Arab Spring.
Calling for freedom.


2. Tunisia


By fire. That is how it started.

When a man young and kind-hearted,

Self-immolated himself, 

cause he had no job, no pelf. 


They took his only source of living, 

A small vegetables trolley. He got unforgiving. 

How could he live then, and feed his kids?

or will he leave them to live on liquids?


Revolutions start with a spark,

he was literally the spark.

Little did he know, that afterwards, 

people will change their fear standards.


People went to the streets, and all screamed, 

The people want to bring down the regime. 

They held no weapons, and just used their voices, 

they were not afraid, cause these were their choices. 


The man died, followed by others. 

people lost their fathers, their mothers and brothers.

They did not give up, and tried again and a again.

Whoever fought these people was insane. 


They got their victory, the president ran away,

And then came a new future, with totally different days.













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