Calling for Freedom

A collection of poems that I've been wanting to write for such a long time. It's about the biggest misery in this century, it's a misery and a revolution that calls for freedom at the same time. The Arab Spring.
Calling for freedom.


3. Egypt


Not only the Tunisians hate their president 

I have a right to reject you, I'm an Egyptian resident

That's what we want, we are the people, 

and the power's left with the unpeople. 


We don't want our lives to stay the same, 

We all stand together and have an aim. 

January 25th, a date to be remembered

 Some used the force, bodies got dismembered


We all sang our chants, loudly and screamed,

The people want to bring down the regime. 

Living, freedom and social justice was our motto,

We were white, and black and even mulatto 


Muslims and Christians protected each other

 All cared about the others, as if they're blood brothers. 

And when we got the army to our side, 

We knew victory will come. He'll no longer preside. 


For victory we waited, full of faith, 

We stayed in the streets, some turning to wraiths, 

And then we heard his speech, he said he was staying, 

People got confused, couldn't believe what he was saying.


But then came the relief, with another speech, 

He did not give it, someone else did. People screeched,  

After they heard what he said, 

The resignation of Mubarak had come at the end.


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