I am 19 now. I am sitting out on the front step by myself. Mum isn't here anymore, she left last year. For the better, I suppose. My brother lives in California, in a law firm. And dad, well. He is still here in my heart. I collect the daily paper now, and I sit on the step reading that whilst drinkin my coffee with 5 sugars. I'm lonely. Occasionally friends come over, mostly not though. I work a lot. But on my days off, I find myself sitting here, on the front step staring into a blank neighbourhood.


9. Chapter 9.

Harry has been in and out of the apartment a lot lately since he has found a job. I have been sitting at home though, sorting through paper work about selling the company. I have to write my name over to someone who is willing to buy my half of the buisness. A co-worker, Brad, is coming over in about an hour to talk about the shares of the company. He said he is willing to buy my half of the buisness, and I trust him 100%. I sit on the floor infront of the coffee table, reading through documents that Brad needs to sign if he buys it today.

A small knock on the door brings me out of my concentration and I look at the clock, "He is early." I say to myself as I stand up and look at myself in the mirror hanging on the wall. I look horrible. I tye my hair back and open the door. Infront of my eyes, I see a girl around my height. Long blonde hair, and makeup all over her face. "Hello?" I say, who is she? "Hey, uh is Harry around?" She asks and I feel like I am being stabbed, she is here for Harry? "Uh, no." I say looking at the clock. "He should be back from work in around 10 minutes." I say and she smiles, "Okay, thats fine." She says and begins to walk away. Don't invite her in Charlie, don't do it don't, "Do you want to come in for coffee? He won't be long." I call out. Idiot, Charlie. "Oh, of course!" She says and smiles, she walks in and places her bag on the table next to mine. Wow she is so pretty.

I go into the kitchen and boil the kettle. "Sorry I didn't catch your name?" I say to her and she smiled and sits on the stool at the island. "My name is April." She replys and I smile, "Charlie." I say and I shake her hand. As I make our coffee, I try to spark up a nosey, and curious conversation. "So, are you and Harry dating?" I ask as I put the milk but in the fridge. I hand her mug to her and she smiles. "Well, not exactly. But I do like him a lot." She says and I want to throw her out of my apartment. Instead, I say "Oh that's adorable!" in the most fake tone I think she realised that I want to do what I previously intended.

"I have to get back to work, Harry won't be long." I say and walk back into the loungeroom. April follows close behind me and I roll my eyes. I sit down on the floor infront of my coffee table and begin to read over documents again. "So, what are you doing?" She asks, leanding over my shoulder. "I am trying to sell my half of a buisness. Well, my fathers buisness." I reply, and she doesn't say anything. Good. I continue working. "I work in a salon close by, I could fix your highlights. Maybe do your nails!" She says. "I don't have highlights and I don't like nails." I reply in a flat tone. Just as she goes to speak again, Harry saves my ass. "I'm home!" He calls. He must of noticed April or my annoyed look because he started laughing. "Harry! Hi!" She says and runs up to him, wrapping her arms around my neck. "Hello." He says, he sounds confused.

"When did you get here?" He asked and I look over. "About 20 minutes ago. She was telling me some amazing things about her salon while I was trying to concentrate so hard on my work." I say, he knows what I am trying to say but she smiles like I was complementing her. "Harry, I have a meeting here in like 20 minutes so can you take your girlfriend to your room." I say rubbing my temples, he looks at me and frowns before guiding April to his room. I get up and go into the bathroom, fixing my hair and such. I hear a knock on the door and I walk out to answer it. "Hey Brad." I say smiling and he smiles back "Hey Charlie!" He says as he walks in.

We take a seat, and begin talking about selling my half to him. "I think the most annoying part about my half is the paperwork." I explain and he shrugs, "I am really good at paperwork, it should be easy." he says. He offered me 50 thousand for my half which I wasn't complaining about. "So, do you want to sign the forms now? I have them here." I offer and he nods. He sign all the paperwork and writes me a check. "Thankyou so much, Charlie!" He says and I smile, "No, thankyou!" I say and we hug, "I best be on my way." He says and walks to the door, leaving me alone in the living room. I clan up the coffee table and start making Harry and I dinner.

I purposely only make the right amount for Harry and I. About 10 minutes after I finished cooking, Harry and April walk out, April is literally eating Harry's ear off. "Help me." He mouths and I giggle. "Sorry, April. I forgot you were here! I didn't make enough." I say and she smiles, "It's okay. Harry lets go out to dinner." She says like Harry doesn't have a choice. "Actually, I am just going to stay in." He says and her face turns into satin. "Fine." She says and picks up her bag from the table. "I am leaving. Harry, if you don't call me I accept that you don't take our relationship seriously." She says and he looks confused. "Relationship?" He asked. She scoffs and walks out. As the door closes I begin to laugh at Harry. "You're screwed." I say and he sits down. "Shut up." He says and begins to eat. "I need to change my number." He sayd and I laugh harder. "Maybe." I say and calm down.



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