I am 19 now. I am sitting out on the front step by myself. Mum isn't here anymore, she left last year. For the better, I suppose. My brother lives in California, in a law firm. And dad, well. He is still here in my heart. I collect the daily paper now, and I sit on the step reading that whilst drinkin my coffee with 5 sugars. I'm lonely. Occasionally friends come over, mostly not though. I work a lot. But on my days off, I find myself sitting here, on the front step staring into a blank neighbourhood.


5. Chapter 5.

Later that night, Harry and I drove around Seattle until I began to fall asleep in his car. I felt the car stop and I open my eyes. We were back at Harry's house. "You uh, you fell asleep." He said and I smiled, "Oh. Sorry." I said and looked at the small clock in the car. It was midnight.

We get out of the car but I feel to tired to walk, "So, thanks for hanging out." I said and he nodded. He felt tense, I don't know why. "Oh, yeah. Thats okay." He said and I looked at him confused. "Whats wrong?" I asked and he looked at me, "Why do you think something is wrong?" He snapped and I squinted at him, what? "What is wrong with you? Why are you so rude all of a sudden?" I asked and he shook his head. "I am not being rude." He said and I roll my eyes.

"Night." I said and walked away.

I stand at my door and fumble for my key and unlock it. I walk in, and lock the door behind me and walk up stairs. I walk up stairs and get changed and slide into bed. I don;t know why he has to be so nice then such a tool all of a sudden. It gets annoying.

When I wake up, it is still dark. I look over at the clock, it's 5.30am. No work today. I try so hard to get back to sleep but by around 7 I end up getting up and going down stairs. I make a coffee with 6 sugars and go out the front. The paper is already out and I walk down onto the pavement with my bare feet and retrieve it.

The air smells like wet trees and rain. I take in the smell as I sit on the step and open my news paper and begin to read.

Something catches me attention, I look up from the paper and see Harry running past my house. No shirt on, a sweat band keeping back his curls and shorts. Bright yellow joggers are on his feet. I stiffle my laugh and look down and continue to read.

"Hey you." He said and I look up. "Morning." I say and try so hard to not look at his tattoos and muscles. "I didn't know you had tattoos." I say. He shrugs and looks at them, "They all mean something." He said and I look back at my news paper and take a mouthful of coffee in.

"So. Want to come for a run?" He asked and I sit on the idea of me running for a few moments. I am quiet unfit. "Thanks but no thanks." I say and continue reading. "Please!" He said and I still shake me head. "We will run to the gym and then workout them walk back?" He offers and I imagine myself at the gym and begin to laugh at my imagination.

"Whats so funny?" He asked and I laugh a bit more, "Just imaginging myself excersize." I admit and he laughs. "Come on! It will be fun!" He said and I sighed. "Fine!" I finally give in and stand up, folding my paper and getting my coffee. I skull it and look back at Harry.

"Do leg stretches or something, I will be back." I say and walk inside.

I put on suitable clothes for the gym and joggers. I grab a water bottle in the kitchen and fill it up. I walk out the front and Harry is actually doing leg stretches. "You ready?" He asked and I slide a key under the mat. "Yeah." I groan and he begind to run. I watch him and realise I have to run with him so I begin to run and catch up to him.

I begin running, and things are going so great. Then suddenly and I get tired and I just want to curl up and sleep. "Stop stop I can't run." I say and start to slow down. "No! You can do it where nearly there!" He said and pointed at the gym. He was right.

I use all my strength and run the small distance and when I get there I stop running and put my hands on my knees and dry heave, leaving Harry laughing. "Your really unfit." He said and I shrug.

We get into the gym and Harry walks to the weights. "I am not doing weights." I said shocked when he picked up one of the heaviest weights there. "Are you serious." I say as he begins to lift them and I watch his facial expressions and I giggle.

When he finshes his set, he looks at me as I sit on the gorund infront of him. "Do you mind?" He asked smiling and I shrug, "I am enjoying these facial expressions." I say and he laughs. "Go do something." He said and points to the other equipment and I look at it and look back at him. "Fine." I moan and stand up and look at things. "I don't know how to use this stuff." I said and he laughed. "Wait a second." He said and did another set of weights.

After about an hour and a half, my arms and legs felt like jelly and I was ready for home. "Harry, I can't walk." I said. I literally couldnt walk. "Come here." He said and I looked at him, and walked slowly to him. He put my onto his back and I felt his sweat on my body but I couldnt even care. I didn't have to walk.

He carried me all the way home and that was great. When we got to my house, he put my down and I sat on the pavemeant and looked up at him. He laughed and began to walk home. "I am coming over later." I yell and he sticks his thumb up and walks across the lawn and into his house.

I slowly stand up, and very, very slowly. Do the same.



Hey! Sorry I didn't update yesterday and sorry this chapter is short and sucky. I will update tomorrow I promise! xx



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