All You Need Is Love

Hi, I'm Christian Fort. This is a story of my life. Ya .. The life I had. Only wish I lived longer so I would have more to tell. It's pretty sad that I killed myself, when all I needed was love.


1. Intro: Sticks and Stones May Break My Bones, but Words will Scar Me

"FAGGOT!" the ugly gorilla of a child said as he pushed me to the ground.

My glasses, along with my papers, crashed to the ground. The other kids laughed their cruel heads off as I struggled to gather my things. Of course I wanted to cry, but I refused. The bell rings and all of them scatter....

Yup, that's pretty much where the pain started. The first week of my 6th grade year. I never really thought the names they would call me would truly fit. Until I realized those were the words I questioned myself on. The words that made me cry every night. Oh crap, I guess I forgot to introduce myself. Hi, my name is Christian Fort. And here's my story.

Whoa now, wait a second! Don't think that just because I'm telling you my story means it has a happy ending.

Just because I'm telling you this doesn't mean I'm alive. This doesn't mean I found a moral. Doesn't guarantee I learned the lessons of life. So if you are now confused, just read along. Hear me out.

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