Our Moment

Victoria is the popular girl in school and Niall is the innocent boy. Kimmy is the high school nerd and Harry is the high school bad boy. What happens when the two worlds collide? Read to find out.
Harry Styles as Himself
Niall Horan as Himself
Selena Gomez as Victoria
Ariana Grande as Kimmy
Want a better bio? Well..
Victoria is believing that Niall loves her and that he has a bad memory but Niall is FREAKING out because she's saying things that aren't true. Kimmy is stuck with a blackmail while in love with.. what?


86. Starting New

Louis' P.O.V.

Victoria came in and looked... well... pretty?

This is what she looked like:

"What happened? Where's Sam?" I asked.

"Sam is some where and I was out." I said.

"Oh. Anyway, I have Kimmy on blackmail. Since her parents didn't know she was dating I had her reveal her true identity."

"What's that?" she asked.

"She's not really a nerd."

"Oh." she had a straight face look on her. Did she know about this?

"What you will do, is black mail her also. Does she have any secrets that  you know?"

"Well, her parents recently got a divorce. Uh... I don't know anything other than that."

"Great, let's use that. Here's a phone number and tell her to look nice again." I said. Victoria spit her gum in my face. Gross.

"She never looks good!" she informed me.

"She did... a little bit." I said.

"Well, your her cousin, that's what cousin's always say! You're such a dumbass!" she spat at me.

"Just do the thing!" I demanded.

"Fine." she said.


Yay! I'm happy now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Niall and Barbara are not dating!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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