Our Moment

Victoria is the popular girl in school and Niall is the innocent boy. Kimmy is the high school nerd and Harry is the high school bad boy. What happens when the two worlds collide? Read to find out.
Harry Styles as Himself
Niall Horan as Himself
Selena Gomez as Victoria
Ariana Grande as Kimmy
Want a better bio? Well..
Victoria is believing that Niall loves her and that he has a bad memory but Niall is FREAKING out because she's saying things that aren't true. Kimmy is stuck with a blackmail while in love with.. what?


81. In Jail

Victoria's P.O.V.

"Hello, help me get the fuck outta here, someone!" I yelled, banging on the cell door. I wish it could break free. I have been here since yesterday and no one has come to get me, Sam, or Zayn. The only thing they served us was warm chicken soup for dinner and porridge for breakfast. To tell you, it was horrid. Only, if the door could break.

"Hey, Sam, can the door break open?" I asked.

"No, Victoria, you're so stupid. They wouldn't put us in here if it could break." he replied in a soft voice.

"Yeah." Zayn agreed.

"You guys have no hope." I said.

"We do... or at least I do." Zayn said.

"I have hope!!!" Sam shouted.

"Mr. Laps?" I called. He walked over to us.

"Yes." he stated.

"Can YOU get us out?" I asked trying to act innocent.

"No." he replied. Fuck. I thought that would work. It always works on my dad.

"Zayn, you can go." a different officer said.

"Fuck yeah." he said and left.

"when do we get to go?" I asked.

"When your parents take you in." Mr. Laps said. Damn.

Sam's P.O.V.

I like it in here with Victoria. Just us stuck in a cell. What am i thinking?! If we do something, the officer's could see us. Now's the time to tell her.

"Hey, Victoria?" I asked.

"You know you could call me Vic." she said.

"O.K. Vic, look, I want to tell you that I... I..."

"You what?" she asked wanting to get to the point.

"I..." I said but gave up and kissed her. I hope she likes me back. She pushed me off her.  Wait, she's dating Niall! How could I forget that?!

"I don't like you that way. Sorry, I'm dating someone already."

"I know, I just remembered that you were dating Niall."

Victoria's P.O.V.

He kissed me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Fuck!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh, wait, we were on a deal, I could use that now.

"Hey, Sam, that deal we had, I want something right now." I said.

"Yeah, what is it?" he answered.

"Get me out of here. You can come to." I said.

"Uh.. deal. How do we get out?" he asked.

"You see that girl officer ther, right," he nodded," Well, you flirt with her while I get the keys and after I do, we leave."


Let's see how that goes.

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