He is my light.

Love will last forever.


1. Fallen

Heart racing I climbed to the top of the building. Nearly falling against the stairs, Bursting the door open and stepping out. Seeing him, My lover looking back into my eye's with suck loss and pain. I had died over a year ago and now he stood their about to take his life. I saw the tears roll down his face. I ran as he allowed himself to fall back, To the welcoming death of the ground. I jumped ,The air hitting my face as my tears flowed back. All I could do was hold him tight, In my new body. I was once his beloved husband. Now I am a stranger . I kept him close feeling his arms hold me. Seeing the ground come closer and closer. He whispered so kindly to me so tenderly that I covered his face into my shirt. "If I die. Will I come back as you have, To walk with you , To fly by your side. My fallen lover." I couldn't bare to answer him. I wouldn't die again but I closed my eyes and gave him his wish. To die and come back as two fallen angels. One of dark and one of light. I felt his grip tighten before I vanished and he alone hit the ground as I stood only two feet away upon the ground. I watched as his soul tore screaming from his body. With in three day's after the accident he appeared on the same building where I sat. I held out my hand as his lost eyes gazed at it and his soon took mine as I pulled him close, Wrapping my dark wings around him. I am his darkened angel as he is my light. If I could serve him for eternity, I would.

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