The Bad Ass Lover (Daryl Dixon/Walking Dead FanFic)

Maria Dyson was a redneck from the country. She was beat by her father, and her mother was killed in a cigarette induced fire. Ever since her house was burned down she had to live with her sister Diana. But when the Zombie Apocalypse hits, Maria and Diana struggle to surviving in the woods. But they were fine, until they ran into a group. A pretty large one at that...


1. Stranger

 It's been 6 and 1/2 months since the world went to shit. My older sister, Dian, and I have been surviving off the land; hunting squirrels and killing zombies. Yea that's right, I said killing zombies. You know that whole thing about the dead coming back and eating the living? Yea, that shit actually happened. So my sister and I have survived though it all, and we're going to keep surviving, because I don't plan on turning into one of those "things" anytime soon.

 "Hey Maria! Get your head out of the god damn clouds! You got a killer coming at you!" I heard Dian yell. I turned around right as a zombie, or killer as we call them, lunged at my throat. I stabbed its eye out with one of my arrows, then wiped the blood off on my pants.

 "Damn girl! I thought you'd never notice it! Just stood there looking right at it! You're sure as hell lucky that you have me," Dian said, patting her chest.

 "Yea, totally lucky," I muttered, hoping she couldn't hear me. She turned and glared daggers at me so I figured she had. Damn.

 "I heard that you little shit," she said turning around.

 "At least I'm not a big shit like you," I retorted.

 "Yea, whatever, we need to hunt." She mumbled, not able to come up with a good come back. She turned back around and started walking in a random direction.

 "Yea, whatever," I smirked, 

 We continued walking in the forest, looking for animal tracks and listening for sounds. I heard a twig snap off towards the east, or on my left. I looked at Dian and saw that she had heard it too. She pushed me behind a high bush and held her finger to her lips, telling me to be quiet.  

No shit Sherlock. It's not like I'm gonna yell, "Hey random thing that might be food! Don't move, we're comin' to kill ya!!"

I saw something come out of the bushes. I raised my crossbow bow, getting it ready to shoot; I saw someone come out. Not a killer, a person.

 He had black hair that hadn't been cut in a while. It was kinda square and fluffy looking. He had just a whisper of a beard, and was wearing a dark blue button up shirt with the first 4 buttons open. I saw a necklace peaking out from his chest hair with the number 22 on it. He hadn't noticed us yet. I looked to see if anyone else was coming out, but it looked like he was alone. He didn't look starved or dead so I figured he either had a group or had a really good camp set up.

 I checked out his weapons and he only had a shotgun and a pistol on his right hip. I still had my bow half drawn so I kept it like that and stood up. I felt Dian stiffen behind me, but stay down, probably for backup in case it didn't play out well.

 When I stood up I saw the guy turn toward me and point his shotgun at me. In turn, I pointed my bow at him.

 "Who the hell are you?" he demanded. 

 "Ain't tellin'. You?"

 "You first."

 "Mia, your turn" I said, using the fake name I always gave.

 "Shane. See now that wasn't so hard now was it?" he questioned.

 "Don't taunt me. I know you got somethin' good set up. What is it?"

 "How do you know that?"

 "Well, you ain't exactly starving are ya?" 

 "True. Neither are you," he pointed out.

 "True, I can hunt though. What about you?"


 "Bull shit."

 He couldn't say anything I could tell he was deciding whether or not to trust me. I guess he did.

 "Fine, I'll take you back to my camp, BUT only if you sling your bow over your shoulder, so it's inaccessible and give your knife to me."

 "No. This is my knife, I will unstring my bow, but I am keeping my knife strapped to my back. I'll put my hands up, how 'bout that? Cause that's as good as you're gonna get," I said, making sure I keep some weapon on me. He looked at me skeptically, then finally consented.

 "I have one more person with me, but she's a good person. She's my sister. DeAn, you can come out now," I said turning and looking at where Dian was hiding. I used her fake name, just like I used mine. She slowly came out from behind the bush, trying to make herself look as innocent as possible. If I didn't know her, I'd say she looked pretty damn innocent.

 "Hey who are you?" Shane demanded. 

 "Be nice! She ain't too fond of people," I told him, putting a protective hand on "DeAn's" shoulder. "This is DeAn, my older sister. She has Asperger syndrome, so she doesn't like people, or killers." I added.

 "Killers? You mean Walkers? We call 'em Walkers."

 "Walkers. I like that. What do you think DeAn?" I asked, turning to look at my sister. She just nodded and looked at her shoes.

 "Alright. Now DeAn has a knife strapped to her back and a pistol in a closed holster. Will that be good?" 

 "Yea fine. Just NO trouble at the camp, 'ight?" he asked, raising a furry eyebrow.

 "Yea, sure, whatever. Can we just get movin' now?"

 He looked skeptically at me for a few moments, and then started walking forward. I grabbed Dian's hand so it looked like she couldn't really do stuff on her own.

 "Alright, we're almost at the camp. We got some good people here, k? So you don't go messin' that up." Shane said as he stopped and turned towards us.

 "Yea, we know how important it is to have a group. Especially if they're good people," I responded remembering the group Dian and I we originally a part of. I guess Shane sensed this because he just nodded and started walking forward again. 

We walked for a few more minutes before we saw a clearing through some trees. Shane turned.

 "No weapons, right?"

 "Yea, don't worry," I said as I put my hands up.

"Good." He turned and pushed some plants and trees out of the way





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