The revolt

A story based on real events.


1. The Riot: Based On A Real Story

     Living in a country that you loathe can be tough. It only gets you to feel worse and worse every single day. When you see the lives of others through the media, you only get envious of them imagining you lived their lives.
     These,and questions like these had been belonged to me. I had been asking why I had to live in a country like mine, or imagining living in a country with no limitations.
     Today was the first I had ever felt like this misery could have ended for me. Today was the day, my friends and I had decided to take a stand for ourselves and those who could not dare to do what we had decided to do.
      On our way to the venue, I had kept thinking about what was wrong about the government. Everything, everything was wrong about it. Imagine you can't live with your boyfriend, having to be forced to be heterosexual just because the government "dislikes" those kind of "perversion", having to live your life a secret - or in this case not even being able to do it in secret. Imagine you cannot live your life the way you want. I am not talking about the privileges like having a jakuzi or having 100 girl around you partying. I am talking about you and your basic needs.
      You would think that in this day and age, you could be able to sleep with whomever you want, live with whomever you like. Therefore, the latest news about the new law or whatever they called it was the last straw: The houses will be invastigated and the female living with the male unmarried will be questioned. It sounded so ironic at first considering the government does not do anything about the marriage of 12-year-olds with 60-years olds. Moreover, the fact that people killing others would be sentenced for only a year or less had always made me so angry. In case this is not enough for some to loathe the government as much as I do, there is the fact that men raping underage girls do not get punished. Yet, those girls are labeled as whores and the government instantly feel the need to comment that those girls wanted the sex. How can you actually want sex, when you still love playing with Barbie dolls?
If you need to me to go any further, they are forced to marry those men that rape them or in some cases, they get killed by their own parents because of embarrassing them.
These were just a few examples that had really happened. People had been treated as sheeps, and they had been forced to obey the rules of the government. The media had been taking the side of the government not showing what was really happening in the country or outside the country, if the news involved any riots thinking we could do the same. They were wrong, we had not done anything at all. We went silent, anyway. Yet, today was not the day that we did.
        I opened my eyes and saw only about 15 people with flags. I was shocked: how could they stay silent? Millions of people, I mean? What should the government do to open their eyes?
       "Look!" said one of my friends, as I was walking. When I turned around, I saw thousands of people - if not millions - waving the country's flags in their hands, rioting...
       Events like this took place for about four months. Months and months of resisting the government, and the police who did nothing beneficial for their own beating up their citizens, throwing tear gas at those just rioting inoffensively; moreover, throwing tear gas inside the houses where the elderly, the kids, the pregnant, those with disabilities live.
      After months of trying, when all this came to an end, nothing had felt like something happened like we had done nothing at all. To this day, I still do not know if what we had done worked, or will work. The one thing I am sure is that the government still does whatever they want, designing new - mostly bad - laws.
      In less than six months, there is an election. I do not expect anything. I still loathe the government, and the citizens of this country for acting like slaves. I can only hope for something better. God has his own ways. At least, that is what I need to believe right now...

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