Have You Ever Heard Of Love?

I'm Honey. Which is a little ironic as I work in a honey making factory. But, do you know what happens when you meet love for the first time? When you dive in head first, and just fall head over heels for the boy who got you in trouble? Well, I just did that!



Matt's POV


After I heard Honey leave, I sighed and fell onto my bed, thinking things through. My mum is dead, my mum just died and it's all my fault.


It's all my fault

all my fault

my fault



That's when it all kicked in... I just killed my own mother. She started my life and I ended hers. Just like that, I killed my own mum. I shut my eyes tight and suddenly all the memories of me and my mum came running back to me, haunting me. I saw us laughing at dad trying to cook, I saw us running from our neighbor's dog holding hands, I saw us in a park chasing each other, I saw us in bed cuddling and telling stories and falling asleep, I saw us crying at movies, I saw her teasing me about my first girlfriend, I saw her trying to calm me down when I was about to go on a football match, I saw her jaw fall when she saw I was wearing make up and nose rings, I saw her gasp when she saw my tattoo, I saw her cry when she saw my cuts, I saw her faint when I shouted at her first time, I saw her scream when I hit her, and I saw her apologize when I hurt her.


Then I saw me crying and begging to have my mum back. I shouldn't have screamed at her, I shouldn't have thrown glass at her, I shouldn't have hit her, and I definitely shouldn't have let her take the blame for not being able to visit. I shouldn't have thought she was leaving me be, I shouldn't have thought she hated me, she had to stay and I blamed her.


No, Matt, don't do it! I thought to myself but my feet dragged themselves to the bathroom.


No, Matt, turn away, run, GO! I tried to turn away, this can't happen again. Yet my hand reached out and turned the door knob and I slipped in quietly. Closing my eyes, I reached over to the cabinet and slid my hand over the shiny object. My finger ran into the pointy edge and got cut, but I didn't care, it's not the worst I had, and WILL, do.


Matt, think of your other family, think of your friends, think of...Honey! I reopened my eyes and ran as fast as my legs would let me out of the bathroom, towards the front door. I shoved it open and ran out, not caring about the tear stains or the bleeding finger, I had to get away from home, at least for a few days. I was running and running, not knowing where I was going. Soon enough I had ran straight into a forest, the sun peeking from behind a few trees. I looked above my head, and felt as though the world was spinning.


''STOP!'' I shouted, holding my head in my hands, trying to stop everything from going round. ''STOP SPINNING, STOP IT!'' I screamed, the tears starting to flow again. I fell to my knees, my head still in my hands.


''PLEASE, STOP IT! I'M SORRY, I'M  SO SORRY, PLEASE...DON'T DO THIS TO ME!'' My voice rose, even though I knew no one could even hear me. My veins popped out and my skin turned a faint color, my hair was everywhere due to how I pulled it. My heart was racing my my eyes saw things. There were birds, huge realistic black birds with bright red eyes. They flew right above my head, shrieking loudly, staring right at me.


''GO AWAY! LEAVE, JUST Leave, please...'' The last two words came out as a whisper as my eyes shut, and I blacked out, falling to the ground.


Honey's POV


I had just left Matt's house and made my way over to my secret place. It was far in the woods where I always go to think things over or if I need a bit of space then it would be the perfect place for me to go. I was walking down when I thought I heard screaming.


''...STOP SPINNING, STOP IT!'' The voice screamed, sounding pained. What's spinning, who's spinning? What are they screaming it for, and why are they in the forest? I frowned, and pushed my way through the branches to where I thought I heard the screaming. ''PLEASE STOP IT! I'M SORRY, I'M SO SORRY, PLEASE DON'T DO THIS TO ME!'' They screamed again, before a loud thump burst through the calm air, making me run faster towards the noise. ''GO AWAY LEAVE! JUST...'' That was all I heard before another louder crash made me jump.


''Hello..'' I was about to turn back when I saw something on the ground a little further in. I frowned and moved closer towards but then gasped when I noticed it was a body.


MATT! I screamed and jumped down next to him and checking for a heart rate.


''Oh, thank God!'' I sighed when I felt his heart rate, but then mt jaw fell when he didn't move.


''Math?'' I called, getting a little worried. I pulled my phone out of my bag and dialed 911. ''Hello...Please come to Mountain Forest...yeah, my friend has just, er, fainted...he's a male...thank you, please hurry...OK bye.'' I threw my phone back in my bag and got back to trying to wake Matt up.

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