Have You Ever Heard Of Love?

I'm Honey. Which is a little ironic as I work in a honey making factory. But, do you know what happens when you meet love for the first time? When you dive in head first, and just fall head over heels for the boy who got you in trouble? Well, I just did that!


3. Nicole

Matt's POV


Could I tell her?

Should I tell her?

No, Matt! Just stayed focused on your work or you'll get fi...


''Matt...?'' I heard a sweet voice whisper. I shook my head silently, signalling for her to leave me alone.


''Leave me alone, Honey.'' I winced after noticing that her name is really wrong right now! I shook my head again as thoughts filled my head of what happened.




I walked down the road, with newly stolen goodies in each of my hands. I know what you're thinking. But that's not ALL i do...

I steal, take drugs, smoke, have one night stands, cheat, lie, bully...and so much worse. But this is what I'm like, don't judge. That's when I saw my girlfriend walking down the exact road as me, only she was infront of me...

She couldn't see me...

She couldn't hear me...

She didn't know I was watching her make out with  another boy. I felt sick, my head was spinning, and my throat gave up on getting any air. What did I ever do wrong?


Okay, I do many things wrong, but what did I ever do wrong to HER? I shook my head, rubbed my eyes and looked again, just to double check this wasn't happening. But it was.


''N-Nicole?'' I whispered, but it was still loud enough for her to hear.


''Ohh, right, err hi Matt?'' After a while she sighed and cat walked over to me, dragging the other boy with her. ''Look, Matt. I don't love you, I never did. You're...wrong. I know you think you're all bad boy matrial, but really?'' She sniggered, looking me up and down with a bored expression on her face. I didn't know if I'm over reacting, on imagining this, but I could FEEL my heart rip out of my gut, leaving an empty hole of nothingness. I sighed, as a slow tear slid down my cheek, smudging my eyeliner.


I know, I'm a boy who wears eyeliner, but a bad boy's gotta do what a bad boy's gotta do, huh? Only now, I know my appearance isn't what people want anymore.


I felt unwanted and unloved, so I ran home crying. I can't live here now, I'll be humiliated till the end of my life.


Even though this IS the end of my life!


*End of flashback*


I looked down at my lap, trying to hide my tear, but someone reached out and wiped it for me. I looked up slowly to see Honey wiping her finger on a cloth. She was smiling at me, and bit by bit, the empty hole Nicole left only a few days before was slowly being filled up. I smiled back and turned around, getting on with my work. Who knew a honey worker could be this sad but happy?


Not me!

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