Have You Ever Heard Of Love?

I'm Honey. Which is a little ironic as I work in a honey making factory. But, do you know what happens when you meet love for the first time? When you dive in head first, and just fall head over heels for the boy who got you in trouble? Well, I just did that!


5. Matt Killoe, RIP!

Honey's POV


''As Mrs. Killoe has been involved in an accident, while text driving. It seems the last text was to her son, and this is what the text read:

   I'm sorry, Matt! I really am, I'll come visit you soon bu...


That's when the late Mrs. Killoe crashed straight into a building, damaging her car...and frankly...killing herself...''

I stood up so quickly that all the blood rushed to my head.


Matt? Matt's second name is...Killoe!


I hurried back out of the door, and jumped into the car, not bothering with the seat belt. I went as fast as speed limit would let me to Matt's house. I hauled my body out of the car and sprinted to his front door. I didn't bother knocking, instead I just ran in to find Matt on the floor in the corner, hugging his knees to his body. He was rocking and no emotion was showing on his face, instead it was just as white as chalk. I was going to make my way over to him, but just noticed that there was crashed plates and smashed glass everywhere. I mean, EVERYWHERE! It was so hard just to walk over there without hurting yourself, so I tip toed over to him.


Without a single word, I sat down next to him and wrapped an arm around him, rocking with him. His tears soaked through his white shirt making it stick to his chest, showing off his toned abs and six pack. I rested his head against the crook of my neck and started singing.


''I walked across an empty land,

I knew the pathway like the back of my hand.


I felt the earth beneath my feet,

sat by the river and it made me complete


Oh, simple thing,

where have you gone?


I'm getting tired and I need someone to rely on,

I came across,

a fallen tree,


I felt the branches of it looking at me.


Is this the place we used to love,

is this the place that I've been dreaming of?''


Before I knew it, Matt had joined in with me. And to be honest, together we sounded so good.


''Oh simple thing, where have you gone

I'm getting old and I need something to rely on.


And if you have a minute why don't we go,

talk about this somewhere only we know.


This could be the end of everything,

so why don't we go...somewhere only we know.''


After we ended our song, Matt lifted his head off his shoulder and smiled at me. This always worked on my mum. When she was upset, I would sing this to her, and she would join in...We both sounded like angels, but now...


She IS one of the angels.


I smiled at Matt, but still didn't speak. He didn't smile though, he just looked at me, straight in the eye. And I looked back. This was the first time I really got to see his face properly.


I noticed that his eyes were a very dark brown, with little flakes of bright gold around the corners. His nose curved up cutely, and his lips looked extra plush. His cheek bones showed, and his hair fell in place whatever mood or place he's in. It was black, but if you looked closely, it looked brown, maybe even a very faint red.


''Thank you.'' He whispered, before getting up, and walking to where  I guess was his room.


''No...thank YOU!'' I whispered to myself before gliding out of his house, smiling to myself.

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