Emotinally Perfect

Poetry based on how I was feeling at the time. Please don't steal these! I take time and effort to write these. You can use them but please give credit! It's hard to come up with these poems and they won't work if you use them because they reflect how I was feeling. So yeah that's pretty much it


7. Trapped

I'm trapped in a box, a box of lies, a box of hate

I'm trapped inside my head, a place of thoughts, that aren't always pleasant

I'm trapped in a place so evil, yet so kind

I'm trapped in here,

No one can free me, or maybe they can but don't try.

Or maybe they can't hear me cry out

I'm stuck in a place I can't escape

Maybe this is the end, or is it the beginning

I'm trapped either way though

I'm trapped in a place I can't escape

Who knew my head could be such an evil place

To try to destroy me,

But only to fail

Maybe I'll be trapped forever inside of this box

A box full of hate and lies,a box where they can't hear my cries

A box I can't escape

Because I'm trapped

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