The lonely girl

She was once an ordinary girl untill middle school started


1. First day of school

One summer morning I woke up , i open the curtains to let the sun light come shinning into my room . I got My favorite light blue skinny jeans , a floral top and a pair of my black vans ready for a day of school . I picked up my cheetah backpack and ran down the stairs . " Oh my god ! im going to miss the bus  !" i said almost in tears . I got a quick brownie and put it in my back pack . As i almost walked out i whispered to myself " damn it my sweater and i forgot to brush my teeth and do my hair " i said softly and ran up the stairs and threw my back down and put my hair up in a pony tail , letting my long curly hair drop and brush my fat bang that covers a little bit of my eye and quickly brushed my hair . i Look at my iPhone and the time read 7:04 and i brushed my teeth quickly thinking " i got 4 more minutes don't rush yourself Alex " . I finish and looked at the time and it read 7:06 " ONLY SHIT ! " i screamed and ran down the stairs and grabed my jacket and back pack and ran to the buss stop .

The Bus was right at the other stop as i threw on my sweater and waited . " ALEX! " Laura screamed " LAURA ! " i Screamed running to her . We hugged and walked to the Bus holding hands .

" How was your summer ? " she asked without looking at me " Good i guess " i said as i was getting my 50 cents out for the buss " Oh mines was stupid.. i just went to the beach and just played on my ipod " she said with a chuckle . The buss come to the buss stop and I go in with Laura and i put in my coins . Laura puts hers in and we sat in the back of the buss . i felt nervous and got a little bit of anxiety , because it was the first day of school  and i didn't know any one it was the first day of sixth grade .. 

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