The lonely girl

She was once an ordinary girl untill middle school started


5. Bus Ride

It was 2:30 , also means time to go home ! I tried not to squeal but i jumped up and down . " See you tomorrow " Brandon said and he smiles at me " See Ya ! " i laughed and grabbed my back pack . I ran out the class room door and took out my iPhone and texted  Laura " where you at ? " Then i walked to the bus stop and sat on the cement block were flowers sat behind . I took one and smelled " smells pretty " i thought .  " Hey Alex i was looking for you , did you even see the message on your phone ? " Laura said frowning , " No i didn't i'm sorry .. why you sad though ? " i looked at her weirdly and grinned   . The bus came to the stop and Laura and I got onto the bus and put in our coins and sat in the back of the bus . I put in my hello kitty hear phones and took out my iPhone and played my favorite music . I lay back on Laura and enjoy the ride and watches the clouds go by fastly . As soon as i know it Laura pulled the stop request wire " Stop Requested " The bus voice said loudly and i almost jumped out of my seat . Me and Laura got off the bus , sad good bye and i ran to my front door .

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