The lonely girl

She was once an ordinary girl untill middle school started


2. Arrival

We got there ... i was so nervous ... i wanted to jump out the bus . Me and Laura walked out the bus and followed the other kids to our new school " Kings Middle School " . I pulled out my brownie and ate it like a fat man would he a bowl of mac - and cheese . It was a huge brownie bigger then others but it was my favorite brand " Cosmo Brownies " damn it was good . Me and Laura got into school , we felt short , i mean short ! we were the smallest fifth graders last years , but we had alot of friends though . " WOW ! " Laura said in shock . " Yup.. i feel smaller now ... thanks alot god " i Mumbled so only Laura can here me . " Lets go i see emma ! " . She jerks my arm and grabs me and starts running towards Emma . " Emma ! " Laura screamed . Everyone looked at her and gave her a weird look . " Umm.. " Laura said embarrassed . " Laura ! " Emma yelled and looked at me with a dirty look , like she was up to something i thought ... i knew she was it , was in my guts ... gave me more anxiety and made me feel like i was going to pass out in front of the school .  The Principal  turned on the microphone " All Students please report to the cafeteria "   he said in a nice and soft one over the loud students in the front halls of the school .

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