Those 3 words.

I always felt that no matter where I was, however busy, I was completely alone. I was the most popular girl in school, getting by with a fake plastic smile. Nobody understood me.

I felt that way.. Until I met Toby.

And my life was never the same again.


1. The Envelope.

I finally woke up on Saturday, barely a few days since my whole entire world had not just turned upside down, but had disappeared to me. Reality is, I didn't want to wake up. I did not want to be here anymore.

The faint beeping of machines filled my head, the stench of cheap mass produced food interrelated with the usual smell of hospitals. A smell I'd become too familiar with lately.

A white crisp envelope perched the table next to my bed, held up by a glass of murky water.

As I picked it up, I had to choke back the tears, the words sharply written on the envelope stated three words I never wanted to see again. Three words I would let nobody ever mean again.

Three words that would have worked on the girl I was merely a month ago.

Three words, 8 letters too late..

I love you.

Let me start from the beginning..


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