Headphones [Conor Maynard Fanfic]

Conor Maynard the UK's new teen heartthrob from Brighton and Jess the kind of person nobody pays any extra attention to. Could you image them two being best friends? Me neither. Somethings are destined to be but others aren't. Which is this friendship? {COMPLETED}


19. Chapter Nineteen.

Conor Maynard Fanfic.
'When one door closes another one opens'

Chapter 19.
Once I'd sent the message, I dropped my phone to the floor and lay flat in excruciating pain. My Mum ran out as my eyes began to close....

Something was squeezing my hand. Something was stroking my cheek. Something was kissing my cheek, or someone. My eyes flickered open to see Conor sat by the end of my bed.
"Where am I?" I muttered to no one in particular as I took in my surroundings. There was so much white, white sheets, white curtains, white cabinets and I was wearing a white gown.
"You had a bad asthma attack and you got taken to hospital. You've been here for about two hours. You were given some pain killers and one of the side effects was drowsiness," Conor explained. 
"When do I get to leave?"
"The nurse will be here in about five minutes to do a check up and if you are okay then she said you can leave today," Conor answered as my Mum barged through the door.

-Back At Home-
Nicola was still at mine but this time my uncle was sat with her. The meds were still effecting me quite a bit so I dragged my sleepy body upstairs and put my inhaler by my bed and crawled into my duvet. It was a few hours before I woke up again to find a note taped to my phone.

'To J.
I've gone to the shop with Nicola and your Uncle. We were thinking of going out for dinner tonight, you can invite Conor if you want? Nicola says she loves you and can't wait to see Conor again. Ring or text if you need me.
Love Mum x'

I could tell by the name she put at the beginning that it was from Mum, she was the only person allowed to call me J. I Messaged Conor about coming to dinner with us and he replied instantly.

'To Jess: I'd love to go out with your family for dinner, I'll come round about 5ish. Tell Nic I can't wait to see her either! 
Love You, 
Conor xx'

I walked towards my wardrobe and pulled out the dress Mum got me from work.

(Link: http://www.polyvore.com/cgi/set?id=71153428 )

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