Headphones [Conor Maynard Fanfic]

Conor Maynard the UK's new teen heartthrob from Brighton and Jess the kind of person nobody pays any extra attention to. Could you image them two being best friends? Me neither. Somethings are destined to be but others aren't. Which is this friendship? {COMPLETED}


14. Chapter Fourteen.

Conor Maynard Fanfic.
'Just like a pill. Instead of making you better I keep making you ill'

Chapter 14.
I can't just go home can I? 

The cold feeling of rain trickled down my cheeks and I fell onto my shattered phone screen as I re-read the message from Conor. The urge to run back to him and make a complete fool of myself was taking over but I need to try and not be so weak. My phone keeps vibrating and the same thing keeps flashing.
1 Message From Conor
2 Messages From Conor
3 Messages From Conor
and that kept happening until I caved and read them.

'From Conor: Hey! Have I done something to piss you off? You're ignoring all my messages and still haven't answered me. Are you going to come home? Please hurry? X'
That's It, I give up, I can't cope in the cold any longer so I dialled my Mum's number and asked her to pick me up. The drive home was over in a flash but it felt as if it lasted forever. Mum was asking me 101 questions and all I could think of was that one person who is never off my mind.
"JESS!" Conor shouted hopping off the sofa and rushing over to see me forgetting his crutches.
"Watch your leg!" Mum screamed seeing Conor get up.
"It's only been an hour or two. Oh and Conor yes," I said as calmly as possible when I really wanted to shout "Finally someone who actually cares when I go missing!" Conor looked at me with a very confused look until I pointed at my phone. When he realised what I meant his face became the opposite of what it was, gone was the pain caused by his leg and it was replaced by glee from what it looked like to me. "Thank you," I whispered into his ear as we walked back to my sofa.
"For what?" 
"You made me feel like I was worth something for once. No one has every managed to make that happen. Look at this,"

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