We will protect you

Taylor was a normal girl but what happens when she finds out she 5 protectors...
There will be heartbreak,tear,breakups and friendship ruined.

This book is about one direction and how they have to protect one girl from something so dangerous its i'm possible to ever be safe...


1. Introduction - We will protect you

My mum always told me that they would keep me safe,protect me but I don't know who these 5 boys are all I know is one Is called Niall and another is called louis but that's no much to go on but I remember that day we first met.... *flashback* "Darling when your older 5 boys will keep safe they will love you and protect you for all eternity but only if you love them back" my mother said to me as we were walking in the park "Mommy who are those 5 people" I said while pointing to the swings, there where five boys watching my every move, I didn't understand what they where doing I was 5 years old "Taylor listen to me, they are the boys that will looks after you when your older and they will protect you,okay" she said while looking at them, she looked scared of something but me being 5 I didn't know what was happening. "darling why don't you go and play on the swings while I talk to the boys okay?" she ask "okay mommy" I then skipped off to the swings and sat there, mommy couldn't push me so I tried to push myself but it didn't work, then a boy with blonde hair and big blue eyes came and said "hello Taylor, would you like some help?" he said with a big smile plastered to his face which made me giggle "yes pwease" I said when he pushed me I felt safe, not scared safe like i should be. I looked over to my mum and she look happy, then the blonde haired boy stopped push and picked me up and carried me to my mum where she said "Taylor when your 16 these boys will take you and protect you from anything, so remember them" I turned around and all 5 of them where there then the blonde haired boy said "hello Taylor I'm Niall, never forget we will watch you and protect you" he said with a big smile again which I giggled and nodded just then someone shout "SARAH WHAT ARE YOU DOING!!" I turned around and my dad and 4 of his men where behind him "John I'm doing what is right, Taylor needs them!" she shouted back, "No! she needs us Sarah not them!" he looked angry, very angry. I felt a hand on my shoulder "get away from my daughter Louis!!" my dad shouted "no John we will do anything to protect her even if it means she's away from you!" louis shouted, my dad look really angry at this point, my mum ran over to me and Louis as she said something that scared me the most "take her away, to my aunt and uncles they will keep her till the day okay?" louis nodded and picked me up I started to scream and kick "NOO MOMMY!!" Louis was taking me away when my father took out a knife and stabbed my mother "NOOOOO!!" I screamed Louis let go and i ran over next to my mother "mommy I will be safe, I will love you forever" I started crying I knew what was happening, she was the only on that believe in me and now she's gone I was crying, when she whispered "I love you too my darling, don't forget them" and then she was gone I cried and looked over To my dad who look mad at himself, I got up and wiped the tears from my eyes and I shouted to my dad "I hate you, never ever call my your Daughter EVER AGAIN!!" I thought that was pretty good for a 5 year old, he look sad Louis picked me up and I started to kick and scream I didn't want to be taken away from my mum then Louis whispered in my ear "we will take you to your aunt and uncles, please stay safe my princess one day we will come and get you,now sleep" I felt my eye lids fall and darkness took over... *end of flashback* I climb through my open window and onto the roof, having a room in the attic does have it's advantages. I lie down and looked up at the clear night sky. when the clock strikes 12 tonight I I would turn 16. I inhale deeply as a shooting star shoots across the sky. I close my eyes and make a wish. I hope tomorrow the 5 boys will save me from this Hell I've been living in, and will protect me for all the years to come... // ONIONS! Hi!!! My first fanfic and i hope you like it!! This book will become more dramatic don't worry ;) Love all your sexy face and ill speak to you all next update! p.s please vote and comment i reply to all comments! :D
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