Defy the Odds

It was only inevitable I enter this XD Even with a pretty darn cruddy entry. This is the first time I've done a picture prompt, so if there are any experts out there, please tell me if I'm doing this right. I'm aware someone's already used this Title, and i'm sorry, but I really can't think of a better title. The other one I had in mind gave away the story XD Again, very sorreh! D:
***CONTENT WARNING: I couldn't make this in anyway child-friendly. We are talking about 18th century ship-bound, cut-throats that almost never shower here, so here's what this has: Violence, brutal behaviour and abhorrent language. And maybe some racial prejudices, gender prejudices, etc. I haven't decided yet XD
***EDIT: Alright, changed the title. Is everyone happy?
***FINAL EDIT: My word count - 1998 words XD


1. -


The screeches of peculiar birds rang across the glistening sand on an island in the middle of nowhere. A particularly delightful specimen perched itself on a firm branch, high upon a rocky hill, observing the two stricken men below. The bird flitted its head to a side, blinking its beady little eyes at them curiously. It heard them gasp and sigh. Behind them, the bird could see a longboat beached firmly onto the sand, and the white mast of a wrecked ship and wooden debris scattered across the beautiful shore.

Suddenly, the bird became alert. Its biological radar could only quiver before an arrow shot straight through its right eye and impaled itself into the trunk of a nearby tree.


“Bloomin’ tongue-less hunter,” muttered a man as he stepped into the clearing, “She could’ve had me head jus’ now!”

“Oh, quit yer whinin’, Sam,” said his companion, trotting up behind him and grasping his shoulder to steady himself. He wiped his brow with the back of his hand, panting a little, “At least she’d’ve had some o’ you.”

A thin woman walked briskly passed them, slinging her bow over her shoulder, and climbed the tree to retrieve her victim. Seated on a branch, she gazed at the bird, frowning slightly. How pretty it was – with every hue of the brightest rainbow mingled in a fashion she had never seen before. She almost felt guilty for killing it. But then she thought of the meat beneath its exotic hide, and shrugged away her ill-feelings. And perhaps she could sell its plumage. She climbed down the tree, glaring at the two men who had accompanied her and walked off.

“Does she never get tired?” said Sam, “I’d be a’thinkin’ an’ a’thinking, and I ain’t ever ran after a woman like this in me life, Pete!”

“Goes t’show some dedication, now don’ it?” laughed Pete, “And, blimey if a speechless wench ain’t a pearl in a thousand oysters!”


Pete straightened a little and walked passed Sam. Undoing his breeches, he pissed over the edge of the cliff. Sam stood by, marveling at the picturesque beauty of the island. The steep moss-covered rocky hills, the innumerable wispy trees bearing fruit of every kind, and the waterfall that stood between their hill and the hill which had a glistening beach in its wake. Sam breathed in deeply, hearing the soft whistling of the tongue-less hunter’s arrows before they hit their mark with a sharp crack.

Something caught Sam’s eye, “Would ye look at that…?”
“You day dreamin’ again, you ol’e mule?” asked Pete, as he fixed his attire.
“Pete, I can see ship-wretches over there,” Sam laughed, pointing, “Though, their ship don’ look too worse-for-wear! Think o’all them spoils! It could have spices from India or gold from the Africas or fine wine from the Balkans!”

“Will you stop dreamin’ an’ get a move on?” Pete slapped Sam on the back, “If there be some wretches out there wi’loot t’spare, we’d better take our dainty huntress, an’ run down to the Cove. Get the Lady to send some wius t’collect the spoils.”

“Mm, sounds t’me like an excuse for you t’get the Lady’s attention, it does.”

“Maybe it is,” said Pete defensively, “an’ blast me, if she ain’t the wench t’impress.”

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