Nialls Girl(Niall Horan)

She's responsible and he's not, yet he is? Follow Quinn and Niall's journey as they try to figure out what they have together.


10. Chapter 9.

Chapter 9.

••Quinn's P.O.V••

*2 Weeks Later*

"Niall just press harder"

"Q I can go any harder without breaking it"

"Yes you can cmon!"

Zipping a suitcase is harder than I thought. The uni is have a field trip to the Bahamas as a treat for the student but my damn bag just wont zip even with Niall sitting on it and we have to be at Heathrow airport in 4 hours and it takes an hour to get there.

"Ughhhhhh" I grunt as I push the zipper harder.

"Wow congrats babe your anger zipped it up" he joked, kissed my cheek and left.

Are we a couple. To be honest I don't know, I mean like we cuddle watch movies together but he hasn't made it clear to me if we're a thing yet. But oh well.

We were already loosing time and Niall was all ready to go while I was still in my jammies. Ughh.

After I showered I went to my room with my towel wrapped tightly around my body. I go into my walk in closet and sit on chair and start blow drying my hair then I straightened it. Considering its midnight and the plane leaves at 4am we might get there at 13pm since its a 9 hour flight I decide to dress in something a bit open cause its gonna be hot as hell over there. I put on some black high wasted shorts with a nirvana tank top tucked in it and my red chuck taylors. I grab a 5SOA hoodie and put it on since its still quite cool here. I grab my little backpack and head out the door.

"NIALL LETS GO!" I scream as I try and drag my heavy bag to the front door.

"Jesus Q! People are screaming" he whines as he grabs my suitcase and takes it with him.

"Wheres your suitcase" I ask him

"Already in the car" he smirks. Pft. Dickhead.

After filling up Nialls car a grand cherokee 2013 Jeep SRT. We head of to London. But I dint remember any of it cause I fell asleep.

*At Heathrow*

"Quinn wake up" Niall whispered as he gently shook my shoulder.

"we there yet?" I yawn

"Yup cmon"

Niall left his car at a special parking lot in Heathrow so we could just head home after we came back just in case we bothered anyone.

We went in and started to check-in to business class of British Airways. What can I say? We go to a good school.

After checking-in Niall and I goof around in the waiting room while waiting to board our flight.

"Hey did you know Naomi Campbell was sacked from British Airways" Niall randomly says.

"Really why?"

"Apparently she threw a fit in the plane."

Just as I was about to reply I heard a ladies voice "Flight 69 to Nissau boarding now".

Niall and I got in the plane first and we took a seat. I didn't even wait for the plane to start flying to sleep. I was so damn tired so I buckled my seatbelt and closed my eyes.

*4 hours later*

I woke up with my head on Nialls shoulder.

"Good morning gorgeous" he smiled.

"Mmmff" I groaned. Planes always got me cranky cause you hardly slept and woke up in a terrible mood. Not to mention extremely uncomfortable.

I looked in front of me a spotted some chicken and a cupcake. Yum. I guess the air hostess must have dropped off some breakfast.


Hiiii sorry for the terrible chapter I just had to set the seen I promise the next one will be much better.








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