Nialls Girl(Niall Horan)

She's responsible and he's not, yet he is? Follow Quinn and Niall's journey as they try to figure out what they have together.


8. Chapter 8.

Chapter 8.

••Quinn's P.O.V••

"I need you to tell me exactly what happened last night and what happened moments ago baby girl"

Oh lord here we go.

I stopped sniffling and Niall wiped my tears away. I was still panting so Niall rubbed the small of my back encouraging me to talk. " y-yesterday Sam had to leave before our date finished so I had to walk home and it was very dark, suddenly someone pushed me into an alley and he-he true t-to" I broke down just remembering that filthy man touching me.

"Shhhh baby sh, its alright I get it its okay you can stop now " he kissed my forehead while rubbing my back.

"N-no I can finish. He tried pushing m-my skirt up but I kicked him and got away before I fell and hurt my ankle, that's when he c-cut me. I-I managed to run away and then came home." I replied shakily. "T-today Cameron was angry at me because I hadn't replied to him so he tried to do the same to me. Why me Niall? What have I done to keep experience this, maybe Its jut the universe's way to tell me I'm useless, ugly an-" I was cut of when lips pressed to mine.

"Stop talking" he mumbled when he pulled away. "your none of that okay?".


Niall went over to subway to get me some chicken and bacon so I was just chilling in Niall's room looking around when I found something rolled up. Wait a second is that? no way! it is! WEED!! Niall does this?? what even? but I kinda did expect it I mean cmon look at him. I wonder why people like this thing. hmm. Never hurts to try though.

I look around for a lighter and I find one in his top drawer. Yes! I light up the rolled up plant and the nasty smell fills my nose. I put the plant between my lips and sucked. Immediately i started coughing but I tried again and again until I got the hang of it. So relaxing.

••Niall's P.O.V••

I got back to the apartment and I could feel the smell of weed. Was Harry seriously doing this while Q was home? I go into my room and it shocks me to see Quinn with the Marijuana.

I go over and snatch it from her mouth. "What the fuck Q?!" "Why you gotta be so mean baby just give it back" she says stumbling with her eyes barely opened. Lord shes already stoned. I don't want this for her I've been there before and that how I am what I am and I care about her way to much to let her do the same.

"Q stop" I tell her as she keeps trying to kiss me "Q, no!" "cmon baby just one please, little pecky" I give in and peck her lips because I know that I probably wont have the chance to after this "mmmm you lips are so good come here" "Q stop cmon lets get you to sleep." "but I'm not tired yet Niall".

I ignored her and put her on the bed. I wrapped my arms around her until she calmed down and finally fell asleep. This is what she needs, Ive been here before, when she wakes up she's going to be as cranky as hell.


••Quinn's P.O.V•••

I get up and its about 7pm and my head is throbbing in pain.

"You're up, here have these" he says as he hands me some pills "it will help with the pain" he smiles I take it and lay back down.

"Im sorry" I whisper

"For what?"

"For having it, I'm sorry i just wanted to try it." I guiltily say.

"Its alright just don't do it again please. I don't want you turning into me" he says as he looks down.

"And whats wrong with being you?"

"Im messed up Q thats what I mean c'mon look at me. I scare kids, I scare everyone"

"Then tell me"

"Tell you what?"

"Tell me why you are Niall. You can trust me. I wont tell"

"Alright just don't tell yea?"

"I wont pinky swear" I say as I hold out My pinky. He chuckles before wrapping his larger one on mine.

"Alright so hear we go. As you know my parents are just as annoying as yours. So 2 years ago my grades started dropping because I just don't do school. Its not for me I like art but no way in hell would they understand. So one night my dad flopped out on me and I just left the house. While walking around I had no idea where I was and As I was about to turn around and head back home, I saw a long alley with just graphics all over but it wasn't your normal punk graphics it was art. That where I met Harry and three other boys, Zayn, Liam and Louis."

"So where do the drugs and tattoos come in" I curiously ask.

He chuckles before replying "The drugs just help us relax and take us to a different world I guess. Its just out way of relax and finding inspiration. The tattoos show our story and the piercings are just optional."

He takes of his shirt and points to the side of his body that only have some tattoos "these are the things that I let people know, the things people see on the outside of me and these" referring to the other side "are the things not everyone knows. The real me. The things I care about.

"Would love to see the alley Niall" he looks up at me and smiles.

"I take you once your better, I promise" he kisses my cheek.






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