Nialls Girl(Niall Horan)

She's responsible and he's not, yet he is? Follow Quinn and Niall's journey as they try to figure out what they have together.


6. Chapter 6.

Chapter 6.

Sam held my hand as we walked to Bullring Mall and the sun still hadn't set, ah England weather. We had a short conversation till we got there.

He ended up taking me to 'Yo! Sushi'

We sat down at the bar and same ordered us some cokes. See Yo!Sushi wasn't any ordinary restaurant it was barely a restaurant its a sushi bar. See you sit at the bar and infront of you there are plates of sushi moving around the whole bar on moving belts. And in the middle on the circle there are people making the sushi and then placing them on the belts.

I waited till the California Rolls passed by, when they finally did Sam and I reached out for them the same time as I had and we both chuckled as I let it go. Sam got them and put it infront of me.

"How about we play a game" He Suggested.

"What kind of game?"

"Every time a plate of sushi passes by we take it and as there are only 2 sushis per plate we each have one and we see how it tastes yea"

"Hell yea! lets do this"

We first tried the California rolls and I dipped them in some soya sauce and put it in my mouth. Delicious.

Sam and I looked at each other and nodded. this one was amazing. The next one passing wasn't even sushi it was like green vegetables. Sam grabbed em' and opened the transparent lid on the plate.

"How the hell do you eat this?"

"I have not idea"

We bit looked around and saw a Chinese man eating it. he had it between his chopsticks and was sucking through the ends of it. Sam and I just shrugged and gave it a try. It was cold as I put it between my lips and sucked, as I did that a pea like thing soon got in my mouth. YUCK! I unwillingly swallowed and Sam laughed at me " your face babe" he pointed and kept laughing.

"This is disgusting Sam" I shrieked .

"Yea it is"

We tried almost every dish there until I was so full I felt like I would throw up. "hey, how about we stroll through the mall" he suggested.

"Sounds good to me"

We walked around then we left the mall through another exit and headed to town (it is a British term to the large place where all the shops are) as we strolled to town we noticed the ODEON theatre.

"How bout' we watch a movie baby" he gazed into my eyes as he spoke. I nodded, not trusting my words.

We ended up watching 'Mortal Instruments: City Of Bones' when the part where clary and Jace finally kiss Sam looks at me and stares at my lips and I do the same and we both suddenly start leaning in closer, and closer until finally he presses his lips to mine. Nothing. No sparks. It was a normal kiss. and this makes me wander off to Niall, how his lips felt against my body how he carefully handled me as we made lo- NO snap out of it Quinn! I like Sam not Niall. I think.

As we pull away he smiles and kissed my nose. the small gesture brings a smile to my face. As the movie ends we head out and the sun has gone down. I glance down at my watch and it reads 10:45 p.m it's not very safe to be out at this time. As I'm about to ask Sam to go back home his phone rings. he apologizes and immediately tenses as he looks up at the called ID but then relaxes when he looks at me.

He seemed quite nervous on the phone. By the time he hangs up he looks at me. " Quinn, im so sorry but I've gotta leave right now, emergency at subway." "its alright Sam" I say with my voice down. He leaves without hesitation and as I make my way back i the apartment I'm pushed into an opening between two stores. I try to scream but then I realized that the stranger has covered my mouth with his hand.

"Listen here gorgeous. You make one noise and I will hurt you. Understand?" My eyes widen as I see the knife in his hand And I nod slowly. He smirks and I feel his other hand slipping inside my dress. By now I wish that Sam would come back. Please come back Sam please. I gasp as his hand reaches my underwear. In the heat of the moment I knee him in the balls and try to run away. but unfortunately for me. I had forgotten that I was wearing wedges and I sprain my ankle as I do my best to take the boot off as fast as I can and try limping off as fast as I can.

I scream as pain shoots on my right thigh and I see the bastard smiling and coming near me. I grab my boots and throw them at his face as I run out ignoring the pain in my ankle and thigh. I stop when I pass by the hotel near the apartment and I gasp as I look down and see how much blood my thigh was letting out. I need to stop the bleeding. I hurried as fast as I could on my sprained ankle and finally entered the elevator going up into out penthouse. It surprised me that no one had noticed a girl with a bloody leg and no shoes on running for her life. As I reach the apartment door I pound on the door repeatedly hoping that Niall was home.

"Fucking stop i- OMG what the hell happened Q" Niall gasps as he opens the door. I feel so weak from the running and the pain that I can hardly move and the only thing that happens is that I start crying like hell as everything comes back to me on how that Nasty man tried to touch me.

Niall steps forward and gently picks me up and I don't protest. My face hidden in his neck as he brings me into the bathroom. He sets me down on the sink counter and I hast as I see my own reflection. My bloodshot, tear Stained eyes,messy hair, the bruise on my next and the blood on my whole thigh. I stop Niall as he tries to remove my dress.

"I'm not trying anything Q, I just wanna help." he whispers and I nod signaling him to continue his actions. Niall chuckles as he sees my hello kitty matching bra and undies but immediately stops when he sees my thigh and kisses my forehead "you'll be alright love". He retrieves the first aid kit from underneath the sink and put some savlon on a large piece of cotton. he starts wiping all the blood from my ankles to my thigh. As he reached the enormous wound. "This might hurt baby" he says and applies the cotton to the wound and I gasp and wince "shh darling its alright" he then takes a long piece of cotton and put the medicine on it and then places it on top of my wound and lastly he wraps my thigh with a huge cloth bandage.

"Anywhere else gorgeous?" He asks while tucking a strand of my hair behind my ear. "m-my a-ankle it h-hurts" I whimper and he worriedly crouched down and looks at it. I shriek as he moves it around "Im sorry babygirl" he heads over to the first aid kit again and grabs some ointment, he slips some into his hands then rubs them together. He starts massaging my ankle with the ointment and it relieves me. When I think he's done I try to hop if the counter. "No No No love stay right there" he warns.

Niall comes back with a warm towel and starts cleaning the mess in my face. "Thankyou Niall" "Its alright baby lets get you to bed" he carries me to his bedroom and I look at him confused "there is no way I'm leaving you tonight" he then tries to unhook my bra and I slap his hand away "calm down!" he snaps. He proceeds in doing what he wanted to ignoring me and then slips his shirt on my. "Just stay in that today yea?" He asks and I nod.

Niall strips down to his boxers and slips into bed with me and pulls me close. "good night babygirl" he whispers in my ear as he kisses my cheek. Well looks like good Niall is back today.

Authors note:

Just incase you guys start asking questions NOO I'm not copying after im aware that in after Tessa likes wearing Harry's shirt to be and that is not what in trying to do. this was one time thing. and my niall is not like harry bcoz of the mood swings. You'll figure out why he acts like this later on.



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