Nialls Girl(Niall Horan)

She's responsible and he's not, yet he is? Follow Quinn and Niall's journey as they try to figure out what they have together.


2. Chapter 2

Chapter 2

"oh I'm so terribly sorry" I cried.

I looked up and saw the tattooed character who was eyeing me just minutes ago.

"it's alright baby" his voice brought shivers down my spine. And at that moment I knew I had to keep away. He handed me the book that had just fallen from my hand.

"T-thanks I got-ta go" I stuttered and heard him laugh as I walked away.

The bell rang exactly when I reached my first class of the day. Surprisingly you don't have the same classes everyday like in college. Instead we have 3 classes per day that last 2 hours per class.

I opened the door to my first class with was Math.

"Oh hello there you must be Quinnsleigh, I'm Mr. Brown" the teacher greeted.

"Class this is Quinnsleigh Mayers, please let her feel at home, Quinnsleigh, you may take a seat next to Niall over there." He continued.

I took a glance to who he was referring to and realized that this 'Niall' character just happens to be the guy who I promised i'd stay away from just moments ago.

I took a seat next to him not even making eye contact with him.

"Nice to see you again Darling" he whispered in my ear.

I glared at him, I certainly did not like him this close

"move away your invading my personal space" I snapped.

"Ooohh but baby you smell so nice" he mocked. Stupid teenager.

"Can't you just leave me alone?" I whispered as the class lecture had started.

"I'll never leave you alone baby"

"Can you please not call me that?"

"What?baby?" He laughed

"Yes it makes me uncomfortable"

"Too" he smirked


The whole day passed terribly Niall was in all my classes and would never leave me alone, it was finally the last lecture, chemistry and guess who's here? Yup , that's right Niall !

"Q?Q?Q?" Niall kept nagging.

"What?!" I harshly whispered.

"Fiesty, I like"

Does he ever stop?


Did I say that out loud?

"Yes you did"

"Ugh okay whatever, what do you want now Niall?"

"Nothing i just like seeing you annoyed" he whispered.

Finally the class ended and I was quick to get my thing and started walking out when I felt someone grab my wrist pushing me back.Niall.

"What?" I hissed

"Ill see you tonight" He Winked. The hell is he talking about? Dudes gone nuts.


I was getting ready for the night as my ad said that his business partner was coming over for dinner with his family.

"Honey they're here" mum called from downstairs.

I quickly rushed downstairs and stopped as I saw Him.

What's he doing here? Ohh so that's what he meant at uni. Wait he knows where I live. That's just bad:/

"Niall! Look how much you've grown buddy!" Dad said as he patted Nialls back.

How does dad know them?i mean i know Mr. And Mrs. Horan but I thought the only had one son, Greg. I'm so confused at this moment.

"Quinn this is my son Niall he goes to the same University as you" Bobby informed me.

I looked over at Niall properly this time. He looked different. Piercings taken off , tattoos covered up. He looked.. Attractive. WAIT WHAT!? No no no no he doesn't. Shut up mind

"Nice to meet you Quinn" he said as he leaned in and gave me two kisses on the cheek. Fake much?

He obviously knew about this referring to his comment back at school.

'I'll see you tonight'

Well this is going to be fun. Note the sarcasm.

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