Nialls Girl(Niall Horan)

She's responsible and he's not, yet he is? Follow Quinn and Niall's journey as they try to figure out what they have together.


16. Chapter 14.

Chapter 14.

*6 days later*

The trip had been lovely, we had just came back last night, Niall and Heide broke it off the day after we confessed to each other. He decided to give us a chance but I know he still has he's worries about something happening to me. We've taken it quite well. I feel so safe around him and I just want to be with him all the time. He cares for me so much it makes my heart flutter.

I wake up at around 7 a.m and jolt to the toilet spilling my guts out, I feel myself letting everything out lunch as well as dinner which was served on the plane. I feel someone holding my hair up and rubbing my back as I continue. When I'm sure I'm done i drop from my knees and sit down on the floor as weakness takes over my body.

My blonde boyfriend who just minutes ago was holding my hair in a ponytail hands me a wet towel which I use to wipe my mouth as he flushes the toilet. Niall helps me up but my knees threaten to give up on me, luckily Niall had a firm grip on my waist and kept me in place. He helped me to the sink and still kept his hold on me as I brushed my teeth trying to get the nasty taste out of my mouth.

He helps me back into the bed and walks back to the cupboard to retrieve a little plastic box.

"Lets see if your sick baby" he said as he opens the small yet long box revealing a thermometer, he takes it out of the box and pops it into my mouth. After about 5 minutes he takes it back out a confusion fills his face.

"Thats weird, you don't have a fever"

He says examining the device as to see if it is not working right.

"Its probably the airplane food Ni" I whisper as I rest my head on his chest.

"I really hope thats just it" he frowns and puts the thermometer in its place, he lays us down and plays with my hair as a way of getting me to sleep but that wasn't the case, for a while now I've been thinking whether Niall had used any kind of protection that night. If I ever got pregnant he would probably kill me, Niall doesn't want this. I mean he's sweet to me and treats me like a queen but we've only dated for a while and we're still learning things about each other. I don't even know if he wants kids.

When I can see the sunlight under the curtains I decide to shower and cook something up for breakfast. We have a week to go till classes start but all I can think about is whether I am carrying a baby or not.

I gently remove Niall's arms from around my waist and walk to the toilet. I tie my hair to a bun and look at my reflection in the mirror. Ugh what is that? I look like a mule! I start brushing my teeth and as I gargle the water in my mouth to clean it I feel the bile run up and I, once again crouch down in front of the toilet to spill everything out.

When i'm done I feel like absolute shit, my head throbs and I feel very weak. I want nothing more than to call Niall but I just really don't wanna bother him. I flush the nasty liquid in the toilet and try to lift myself up by grabbing the top of the counter and pulling myself up. I once again brush my teeth. As I attempt to lift Niall's shirt off my naked body my knees fall to the carpet on the floor. Thats when I cant take it and accept that I really need Niall.

"Niall?" I call out. No response.

"Niall??" I say much louder.

"Yes baby?" He mumbles.

"I need you" I whimper.

I hear footsteps and the door finally opens "oh my god baby are you okay?" He rushes while helping me up by placing both hands on my waist.

"Calm down Niall i'm okay, I just need help". I say placing one arm around his waist and the other caressing his neck.

"What do you need my love?" He kisses my forehead.

"Can you help me shower please"

"I would never mind that" he smirks into my ear and I giggle softly.

"You wanna tell me what happened?" He asks as he takes his shirt off my body as well as his own clothes of his body and carries me into the shower.

"I puked again" I murmur as he sets the water.

"Oh god honey, why didn't you call me?" He says as he moves the hair that had made its way to the front if my face back to its place.

"I just didn't want to bother"

"Its never a bother when it comes to health" he says as he wets my body with the shower head.

Some people might think that this was moving too fast for us but thats just how unconventional our relationship is. We trust each other and are completely comfortable around each other. It just works for us I guess.

Niall squirts some shower gel into his hand and rubs both hands together. He starts at my waist just gently washing everywhere, he reaches up to my neck just massaging and boy! It feels good.

He kneels down and does my legs. Not once had he looked At my private parts and It just brought a smile to my face. He rinses everything of and as a thank you I help wash his off as well finishing off by pressing a peck to his lips. He steps out of the shower, drapes a towel around his waist and opens another one and leaves it open for me as I walk out and straight into his arms just to be cuddled up into a towel. Niall kisses my temple and leads me to my room that I now only use to get dressed.

"Ill dress you up today gorgeous" he winks and I just laugh.

He roams through my underwear closet before looking at me with my dark blue lace bra and panties. "I like these" he secures the bra on me and slips the underwear past my legs.

Niall rummages through the closet once again an picks out a blue and black polka-dot dress with a brown belt. He helps it on me and hands me my Uggs that I love wearing around the flat.

"Will you be alright while I get dressed baby?" He asks

"Yea, yea go on" I say and peck his cheek.

When Niall leaves the room I walk to the kitchen and starts making some egg and bacon toasts with a sausage, chips and a seasoned half tomato on the side for both of us. I cut the toast into 2 pieces and place it on Niall's plate and to the same for myself. I place it on the table and pour us both some juice.

"This looks good" Niall says as he wraps his arms around me from behind and presses a kiss to me cheek an whispers a thank you.

We take a seat and start eating "should I tell my dad that Im gonna be missing the meeting today?". Niall had to go to a meeting to accompany his dad so he could learn more about whats happening because he will be taking over the business when he's done with school.

"No no no! Go! Ill be perfectly fine right here Niall. In fact you should start getting ready if you don't want to be late." I say as I look at the time.

"Oh shit!" He runs into his room to put on his suit, as he leaves I gather around the dishes, rinse them off and place them in the dishwasher.

I go Into Niall's room, where I sleep in now as well and see him struggling with his tie. "Hey I got you" I say as I do it for him.

"There we go all good"

"Thanks Q" He presses a kiss to my lips.

"So what time are you gonna be back?"

"Just after lunch, I really gotta go baby c'mon give me a kiss" he says as he grabs his car keys. I reach up and give him a lingering kiss and he heads out of the door.

When I'm sure he's gone and not coming back I put on some brown strappy sandals, pulled my hair up into a pony talk and grabbed my DKNY purse. I filled it with my wallet, phone and essentials. Just then I got a text from Niall.

From Niall,

Meeting just started, feel better babygirl<3

Awe well isn't that sweet. I head out of our building and walk my way to Sainsbury thats Like 7 Blocks away to get some groceries for the house. We were running low on almost everything. I got some toiletries, fruit and Veggies, snacks and pastries. I payed for it and had them send it to the apartment as I couldn't really carry everything. As I walk back home I spot 'Boots', a pharmacy and that when I decide that I did want to do this. I get in and go to the pregnancy section. I spot them and get the most expensive ones there is, I don't care. I need to know. I get 5 of them and check-out.

I find my way back home and right on the door of the apartment stands the delivery man. I let him in and he put the bags down. When he's gone I rush into the bathroom and pee on every, single, stick.

Those 5 minutes had to be the longest time Ive ever had to wait for in my life and suddenly my phone alarm rings. Its over.

I head over and carry all of them on my right hand.

First test: + (positive)

Second Test: + (positive)

Third Test: + (positive)

Fourth Test: + (positive)

Fifth Test: - (negative)

My breath catches in my throat and I can feel the tears in my eyes.

"Quinn i-is t-that?" His eyes widen. When did he get in though.

"N-nia-all" I hiccup. As I approach him his hands fly to his hair and he rushes out of the bathroom.

No. Niall please.

Authors Note:

God the story is so confusing now i know:/ but I have an amazing plot for it. Im just doing my best to get it in place:(

And a long chapter to make-up for my disappearance sorry!

Oh and when you read please vote for the story and comment on it please?








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