Nialls Girl(Niall Horan)

She's responsible and he's not, yet he is? Follow Quinn and Niall's journey as they try to figure out what they have together.


13. Chapter 11.

Chapter 11.

Ian led me to the part of the beach with only sand, and a DJ station at the front with sweating and drunk teenagers dancing around. Ian and I turn to each other and start rocking out to 'Radioactive' by the Imagine Dragons. We both starting shouting the words at each other and I'm having an amazing time.

"You wanna get out of here?" Ian screams through the loud music. "Yea!".

He grabs my hand and leads me out of the music and we start walking to more quiet part of the beach and sit on a large rock.

"So where are you from?" I ask him "Miami, Florida. I work here at summer break to make some extra cash. You?"

"Birmingham, Uk. Im at uni studying chemical engineering."

"Hey listen I gotta head out but theres an italian buffet tonight down at the hotels restaurant, its a dates only event. Would you like to accompany me?" He smirks.

"I'd like that" I smile as I grab a sharpie from my beach bag and write my phone number on his arm. "Text me the details" I say as I walk back to the main beach.

I spot Niall looking frustrated on one of the lounge chairs. "You alright Niall?" I ask as I tap his shoulder, he immediately jolts up and grabs my shoulders "Where have you been? I was worried sick!"

"Don't worry I just went for a walk" I try to convince him.

"Alright just please inform me next time"

"Okay, sorry" I apologize.

"Oh and Q, i heard theres a buffet like thing tonight and its dates only" thats when my heart breaks, I wanted to go with Niall, I really did but I had already promised Ian.

"I really want to Niall but i've already promised to go with someone else" as the words leave my mouth his gorgeous smile turns to a frown. "oh- okay alright. I mean yea. Im just gonna go get a drink yea?"

And with that he walks away. As much I wanted to go with Niall I didn't as well because he has me confused at the moment. I mean like when he's with me, just me he's all lovey dovey and shit but when were not he just bounces off and shoves his tongue down someones throat. My thoughts are disturbed when my phone starts vibrating in my beach bag. Its a number I don't recognize but I pick up anyway.

Phone convo Q(quinn) I(Ian)

Q- Hello?

I- Hey Quinn, its Ian

Q- Oh hey

I- I just wanted to tell you the details for tonight. Just found out its a colourful, yet, fancy buffet so dress fancy but just spice it up. Oh and its at 9pm. Ill pick you up, what room number are you in?

Q- that sounds really fun, I'm in room number 4569. See you then.

I- See you. Byee

Q- bye.


As I hang up my tummy growls and I realize that the only thing I've eaten was in the plane. I spot Niall at the bar looking at his phone while sipping a Mojito.

"Niall" I tap his shoulder. "Yeah Q?"

"Im hungry. Can we go grab something?" I whine and he chuckles.

"Alright come on" he puts his hand on my waist and we make the long walk back into the hotel. We decide not to go to the typical restaurant hotel but instead we go to one near the hotel GYM called 'Oporto'. Its portuguese.

We sit down at the table and as I look through the menu I already knew what I was ordering, the 'carne de porco alentejano' which was pieces of pork mean with clams.

I look at Niall who looks very confused "how the fuck am I supposed to order if I can even read this shit?" He growls.

"I already know what I'm having" he looks up at me "how the hell did you understand this shit?"

"Niall my mum is Portuguese, I go there literally every year?" I explain

"Really? I didn't know Elsa(quinns mum) was portuguese. Anyway can you please order for me?" He asks and I nod.

I put my hand up catching the waiters attention. "Good afternoon, may I take your order?" The man who looks like he's in his 30's asks.

"Yes, for drinks I'd like some 'Monte Velho' wine for two and for out meal 2 Carne De Porco Alentejano" I politely order.

"Alright so I'll be back with your drinks in no time" he then leaves.

"So who are you going to the buffet with" Niall asks.

"The guy who worked at the bar, Ian, he's really nice" Niall scrunches up his nose. "The bartender, really Q?"

"Oh cmon Niall leave him alone he's really nice. Im sorry I couldn't go with you"

"Oh no-no its fine Im going with Heide" he shrugs "who?"

"I met met her today as well" oh right its the slut.

"The girl you were kissing hours ago?" He blushes, wait did he just blush. Fuck, he likes her. No I mean its okay I guess. No its not. Ufff! Stupid girl hormones!

"Yea thats her. She's really sweet I think you'll like her" he says and I fake smile but then It turns real when I see our food coming.


"Niall just get ready in there!" I shout out to him. "Ugh fine"

"I look in the mirror as I do my make up. Since its colour themed I go for a simple gold eyeshadow and Bright pink lips. I braid my long front hair o the side and secure them with a bobby pin. I then take of my robe, put on some deodorant and Givenchy perfume. I then put on my blue dress and pink pumps.

When Im done I walk back into the room and I see Niall and the girl from the beach. Ugh I really don't need this. They both start giggling as she ties his tie. Niall notices when I walk in and immediately introduces us "Heide this is my roommate Quinnsleigh but you can call her Quinn. And Q this is Heide my date"

"It so nice to meet you" she says as he reaches out and hugs me. Im a little startled from the affection but I hug back.

"Are you from Birmigham as well?" I ask as I recognize the Brum accent.

"Yea I actually go to Aston as well my I'm in the Business building" oh god, shes far from a slut. She so damn nice. I can't compete with that, not at all. I frown at the thought of it.

I walk over and put my phone and lipstick in my yellow clutch and just in time the doorbell rings, Ian. "Hey guys Im going now see you there." But they don't acknowledge me as they are engaged in their own conversation.

I walk over to the door and there he is. In a grey suit and purple tie. "Shall we?" He asks "we shall" I giggle and he leads the way.


Should I give up on this story? Is it getting too boring or confusind?

, Tamara






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