Careful Jessica.
Those words, the same ones I get told whatever I do. I know that it's only because she worries about me... But it doesn't change the fact that I hate those words with a passion.


Jessica has always been told to be careful, ever since her Dad disappeared the night she was born, when all he was doing was driving to the hospital. She understands it was bound to make her Mum cautious and paranoid...
But when you cage an animal it only makes it more determined to escape...


1. Prologue

According to the US Department of census, 43% of children grow up fatherless, yet there are an estimated number of 64.3 million fathers across the nation. 26.5 million are married, or have children of their own under the age of 18, and 2.5 million are single fathers.

Where are the other 35.5 million? 

I suppose, just like mine, they aren't around.

A failed marriage, a run away,alcohol abuse, drug abuse, prison sentences, simply not wanting a kid or death are all causes, the types they have statistics for. 

They don't have the statistics or figures and facts for those who simply disappear though. Those who just leave, and not because of one of the above reasons. I mean vanish truly.

Off this earth. 

Out of a car crash and when they go to inspect the body, it's gone.

I suppose me and my dad are more alike then I realise then. We both defy statistics. 

Not that I can know, I don't know him. He disappeared.



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