My new life

Boarding school is not as easy as it seems, Enemy's are made, pranks are pulled, life at Blakesley boarding school is gonna be fun.


3. Breakfast

"Oh no" i say jumping out of bed "Get up you two"

"Why"? asks Skye

"Because its 7:55, we have 5 minuets to get to breakfast before the school cafe closes"! i say

"But i set my alarm for 7" Mia insists

"Well look at the clock" i demand

"OMG, its 7:55" says Mia "get up"

"That's what i have been trying to tell you all along"I say 

We hurriedly get ready and go down to breakfast just before the cafe closes. Today, since it is the first day, we get a cooked breakfast of bacon sandwiches!

"This is really nice", i say while munching my way through my sandwich.

"Yeah" Mia agrees 

"Lovely", declares Skye

"i wonder if someone purposely stopped your alarm clock Mia" I say 

"Yeah i think Cammie and Scar are behind this", Says Skye

"I think they just want to get us a detention" Says mia

" we need to get them back" I say

" I have the perfect prank" Skye says 

"What is it"? Asks Mia

"In first period we could put a box full of spiders on miss Taylors desk" Skye says

"How would miss know it was Cammie and Scars"? Mia inquires

"well we would write on it, To miss Taylor, Here is a little present, From Camilla and Scarlet" Skye finishes

" Amazing"!! i say

" Miss Taylor teaches us for everything, doesn't she"? Mia asks

"Yep, except french and food" Skye says 

"Lets go and get the spiders now" I suggest

"Okay" says Skye

"i'm in", says Mia

PS. Character contest. just comment their Name, Age, personality, and any other important details :) have fun






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