My new life

Boarding school is not as easy as it seems, Enemy's are made, pranks are pulled, life at Blakesley boarding school is gonna be fun.


2. Amethyst house

 About an 2 hours later...

we have been sorted into houses and are now in our dorms, Skye and i are in amethyst house, and are in dorm 4. we have already called dibs on the two single beds right next to each other. 

Skye and walk over to a girl in our dorm. 

"Hi, i'm Lilia, and this is Skye", i say

"I'm Mia", she says

"So are you new this year"asks skye

"Yeah, are you?", she replies

"Yep, we both are"i say 

we all start chatting and getting to know each other for about half an hour.

"OMG" I whisper

"What is it"? Mia and Skye both ask

"I cant believe Camilla and scarlet are both in the same dorm as us"! I say

"They were so horrid to us"Skye says

"Lets go to them and see why they were being so mean to you" suggests Mia

"okay lets" i say

we stroll over to them in a friendly way.

"WHAT DO YOU WANT"Camilla shouts

"Why are you so mean us"? i ask

"Because its Fun"says scarlet 

"not for us" says skye.

"We don't care" says camilla

"You are so mean, Camilla ans Scarlet"!! I say

"We prefer to be called Cammie and Scar"!! Scarlet  says

"Okay cammie, Okay scar, why dont we all just be friends"Mia says

"Yeah"Skye agrees

"As if" Cammie says "we hate you"

Skye, Mia and I wander back to our beds.

"I think im gonna skip dinner tonight" says Mia

"im tired, im going to bed"i reply

"me too"Says skye


PS. character contest, comment their name, age, personality and any other important details about them. i will choose some to be in my story. :) have fun   

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