The Dream Factory

13 year old Katryn doesn't believe in magic, or anything like that, she scoffs at the likes of Harry Potter and yawns at myths and legends. But one night, she is transported to a strange place, beyond the sky. One night Katryn is taken to The Dream Factory. (Cover by Lily Anna, she's epic!) This will be updated every Saturday.


1. Katryn

Katryn was your average teenage girl. Loved music, especially boy bands and considered what she wore to be very important. Posters and photos dominated her lime green walls and her pin-board was covered in love notes and such. Katryn considered herself to be a rebel, she was one of Detention's seemingly permanent residents, never wore the uniform, rarely did homework and only spoke to those she considered worthy of her opinion. She had a Saturday job at a salon, sweeping floors, working the till and making cups of tea, earning £3 an hour. One night she had just got home from her shift and started to make tea for her mother, Katryn had eaten out, plus she was on a diet, when she heard a knock on the door. Thinking it was a salesman, Katryn ignored it, but as the knocking continued, she sighed and went to open the door.


"I am in dire need of talking to Katryn Simone." Said a short man with a blue and gold beard and a pink moustache, who was wearing the strangest things. 

"Well then your 'dire need' is no longer dire, or a need."

"Why not?"

"I'm Katryn Simone." Katryn rolled her eyes. "Now, what is it, I really need to get on."


"Beware what?"

"Beware the Nightmare Department."

"What on earth are you going on about? Go on, get lost!" The man snapped his fingers and disappeared. Katryn stood there dumbfounded. He had just disappeared, just like that.

"But magic is only in stupid stories for little kids, not in real life!" Katryn exclaimed, closing the door behind her. She'd burnt the sausages as well.


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