It's A Lost Cause

17 year Rosalie has a secret and she only has one person who understands her. Alec her best friend who has been there through everything. Until Alec dies in a tragic accident. Rosalie now writes to Alec even though she knows he will never read it.


12. Twelve

December 26, 2012

Dear Alec,

Christmas is over... Your mom got me the most wonderful gifts... She got me a saxophone! Can you believe it! I cant you know how much I love music and to get that well that's a complete honor! She also got me new figure skates, and green north face, and a pair of ugg boots... My mom actually sent me something... I'm shocked... she sent me a hundred dollars... I tried to give it to your mom but she refused. So I am going to go out and by her something, and you something.... I'm going to place it on your headstone... As creepy as that sounds... But I need to go and visit when I am there in a way I feel closer to you... as if you are really there... but.. I don't know...

I love you Alec!


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