It's A Lost Cause

17 year Rosalie has a secret and she only has one person who understands her. Alec her best friend who has been there through everything. Until Alec dies in a tragic accident. Rosalie now writes to Alec even though she knows he will never read it.


4. Four

November 12, 2012
Dear Alec,

I went on the date yesterday. It was amazing! Ian paid for dinner, against my wishes of course. We went to Red Robin, Yum (pun intended). He even bought me flowers! How amazing is that! But the only down fall of that whole night... was I kept wishing it were you. Maybe it will get better with time but... I feel like its wrong to date... when it's not you. But I know you wouldn't want me to dwell on that and you would want me to move on. As I would if it were the other way around. He is so sweet... He wants to make it official.. I told him that I would think about it tonight and tell him tomorrow... I think I am going to say yes. He is a great guy and I know you would approve. I called your mom and told her. She said she was happy that I am trying to live a normal life. We are going to your grave this weekend. I'm scared to go but it will bring us closer. In a non creepy way. I love you Alec I'll write soon.
With Love,


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