It's A Lost Cause

17 year Rosalie has a secret and she only has one person who understands her. Alec her best friend who has been there through everything. Until Alec dies in a tragic accident. Rosalie now writes to Alec even though she knows he will never read it.


15. Fifteen

Dear Alec,

Looks like I no longer have to write to you because I am here with you we are reunited at last. We all are, well at least your mom and I are united with you. It's sad in away... I feel bad your mom's life was taken while defending my own but she died a hero... That's what she wanted... Ian shot her four times when he found us... She was in the living room while I was hidden away in my closet of the cabin. She was shot in the leg twice and then the chest and head... Then Ian proceeded to go ahead and find me... it took him a while and then he found me in the closet... He shot me directly in the chest and proceeded to shoot two more times afterward. I was killed instantly. Then Ian left... You're sister found us when she brought us groceries... She is fine though and so isn't her baby, which is good. Your mom and even I are being buried in the family plot... which is an honor to me... I guess they consider me family. I am so sorry about all of this Alec... I love you

Reunited at last,


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