It's A Lost Cause

17 year Rosalie has a secret and she only has one person who understands her. Alec her best friend who has been there through everything. Until Alec dies in a tragic accident. Rosalie now writes to Alec even though she knows he will never read it.


8. Eight

December 6, 2012 

Dear Alec,

19  DAYS UNTIL CHRISTMAS!!!! Guess where I am spending my Christmas? Your house, I got a text from your mom. I'm spending all of my winter break with your family! I honestly can not wait! plus it will get me away from the drama caused by Ian. He is such an ass... that's why I haven't written in so long. He is a jerk. Kat says I should just dump his sorry ass but... I can't, I love him... It is my fault he gets mad at me. And he only hit me once and it wasn't bad, only a slap to the face... it isn't like mom hasn't done worse... It was my fault he hit me. I shouldn't have made him mad. I should have just smoked with him I would have been fine. I am not, worried things will be fine.  but I have to go it's late... Good night Alec
Forever and Always,


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