Rejection (A Drapple Fanfic)

Broken-hearted and alone, Draco has been turned down by the girl he asked to the Yule Ball. He turns to apple for comfort, and finds everything he ever hoped for from a true love, however, he doesn't know how people will react to his new relationship...


10. The Yule Ball

Weeks later, Draco had begun to recover. He had cried, a lot, and had several sleepless nights, but he had discovered that time heals pain. At last he had a decent nights sleep, just in time for the Yule Ball.

Pansy had attempted conversation with Draco several times, and admittedly he had been trying to avoid her. But now he was able to see himself making good friends with her. Perhaps even like her as much as he had before Apple. Still, no need to rush. They were young, and had years of school left to see if they suited each other.

At breakfast, Draco scribbled a note to Pansy and flew it down the table, where unfortunately, it landed in her food. Seeming a bit miffed, she plucked it off her plate and read Draco's message. She didn't look overjoyed, but he couldn't blame her, the way he had treated her. Draco grinned at her sheepishly as she frowned at him. He hoped the bags under his eyes from crying constantly would evoke some sympathy in her.

Draco felt relieved when she came to sit next to him. Maybe she would forgive his behavior. He could certainly use a friend to help him stay positive.

"Hi," she sighed as she sat down.

"Hey, Pansy." He looked at his plate awkwardly. There was a loaded silence, before Pansy thankfully broke it.

"I don't know what's been up with you. It's like you like me then you ignore me, then you hate me then like me again," Draco twiddled his thumbs, thinking about what to say.

"I just have been having a... weird time, just because of private things. It's better now. I'm sorry I've been a rubbish friend," Pansy smiled, and to his surprise, she kissed Draco's cheek before jumping up and skipping out of the great hall.

At the end of the day, just as the sun was setting, Draco left the castle and wandered down to the edge of the forbidden forest, where Apple's grave was beginning to grow grass. He knelt down beside the rock, and told Apple about going to the Yule Ball with Pansy, just wanting to know if she thought that was okay. But Apple didn't respond. With a sad smile, Draco said bye to Apple, and went back inside to warm his chilled hands.  


Striding along the corridor, Draco nervously checked his watch. He was early. He and Pansy had agreed to meet in the common room at five to eight, but it was currently quarter to. But he couldn't bear the wait anymore, so he entered the Slytherin common room and sat by the fire, impatiently jiggling his leg. He hoped nothing would go drastically wrong, as he couldn't face more emotional turmoil. It just needed to be pleasant and fun.

After five minutes of agonising wait, Pansy came down the stairs to the common room, early herself. She was pretty enough, and had certainly made an effort. Draco told her she looked really good, mainly because that was what girls expected guys to say to them. Taking her arm, Draco walked with Pansy down to the Great Hall.

People were already starting to gather, although the ball didn't officially start for another five minutes. They sat down to wait, and fortunately, Pansy had a lot to talk about. Draco tried his best to focus completely, but he couldn't help occasionally letting his mind wander to Apple.

He did manage, for the most part, to enjoy himself, however after a few hours he begun to get tired, and by ten o'clock, Pansy had left to dance with one of the Durmstrang boys. Draco wasn't as hurt as he thought he would be, and, feeling relieved, he walked back to the common room. At least I had fun, he thought as he walked in through the door. 

He was about to head upstairs, when a stout round figure emerged from behind the sofa.

"Draco," said Adam, "I need your help." 



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