Rejection (A Drapple Fanfic)

Broken-hearted and alone, Draco has been turned down by the girl he asked to the Yule Ball. He turns to apple for comfort, and finds everything he ever hoped for from a true love, however, he doesn't know how people will react to his new relationship...


2. Rumors

Draco walked into the great hall, trying to keep himself from blushing, but his shame took over as he turned bright red. He could see people's heads turning, students whispering and smirking at him. He didn't know whether the truth or a lie was being spread, and he didn't much care. All he knew was that he had humiliated himself in front of his first love.

Once everyone was seated, Professor Dumbledore called for silence so he could make some announcements, but Draco didn't listen. Instead, he gazed blankly ahead, unblinking, barely breathing. The only thought that occupied his mind was the expression on Pansy's face as she said no, a look of complete disgust.

Gradually he noticed his classmates eating, so he snapped out of his trance to inspect the food. Nothing out of the ordinary, nothing new. Somewhat disappointed, Draco helped himself, despite not being particularly hungry. 

He tucked into his food, not looking up in case someone were to talk to him. Draco didn't need that right now; he wanted to be left alone. He made an effort to not think about Pansy, but it was no good, and she kept popping into his head, laughing her beautiful laugh. He sighed. How could this happen? He had been so sure that Pansy felt about him the way he felt about her. 

While he dwelt upon his public rejection, the platters emptied of savoury foods and filled up with dessert. This change went unnoticed to Draco, until his eyes rested upon a plate of green apples. Now, apples were nice enough, if a little bland, and Draco didn't tend to eat them much. But for some reason, one particular apple caught his eye, right at the top of the pile, with glistening, silky skin and a lone perfect leaf. Draco found himself licking his lips, wanting to hold the apple with its symmetrical roundness in his hand.

He looked around. Everyone around him was busy talking, while Crabbe and Goyle were fighting over some cake. Swiftly, he reached put and grabbed the apple, quickly stowing it in his robe pocket. He wolfed down the rest of his meal and excused himself, hurrying back to his dormitory

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