Rejection (A Drapple Fanfic)

Broken-hearted and alone, Draco has been turned down by the girl he asked to the Yule Ball. He turns to apple for comfort, and finds everything he ever hoped for from a true love, however, he doesn't know how people will react to his new relationship...


5. Heartbreak

Draco could hardly eat at breakfast. His mind kept wandering to what they were doing, what they were talking about. He worried whether he and Apple were officially a couple or not; it was only one kiss. 

As he was daydreaming, a flying note zoomed down the table and landed on Draco's empty plate. He opened it. It was from Pansy Parkinson.

Dear Draco,

I'm really sorry I said no when you asked me to the Yule Ball. I honestly wanted to go with you, but I had already said yes to Miles Bletchly. After you asked me I talked to him, and he's going with Millicent instead, so I am free to go with you.

Please write back when you can,

Pansy xxx

Draco read it twice, thinking. He didn't want to hurt Pansy, but he no longer wanted to go with her. He wanted to go to the Yule Ball with his dearest Apple. He knew everyone would frown upon that, but if he couldn't go with his beloved, he wouldn't go at all. He folded up the note and put it in his pocket. Having given up on eating, he left the table and went upstairs. He had given them enough time. It had been twenty minutes. 

The common room was deserted, as everyone was at breakfast. He walked up the stairs and opened the door of his dorm. To his horror, there on the bed were Apple and Adam. 

They were kissing.

"WHAT?" Draco shouted, and Apple and Adam sprung apart. Apple was bright red, but Adam looked no different.

"Good to see you, Apple," Adam drawled, blowing her a kiss before dropping off the bed and rolling past Draco, out of the door. Draco slammed the door once Adam had left, and with a face full of rage, he turned back to Apple.

"What do you think you are doing?" Draco hissed. Apple stood still as a statue.

"Um, I was- we... Um."  

"I don't even want to hear it. How could you? I thought... I just, never mind. Just leave," He opened the door, and watched Apple roll away. He half hoped she would turn around, say something, or refuse to leave, but she just left silently. Draco wondered if he would ever see her again. After all, they had know each other less than a day. 

He got dressed and gathered his things together for lessons, leaving before he had the chance to think about what had happened.

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