Rejection (A Drapple Fanfic)

Broken-hearted and alone, Draco has been turned down by the girl he asked to the Yule Ball. He turns to apple for comfort, and finds everything he ever hoped for from a true love, however, he doesn't know how people will react to his new relationship...


3. Fruit friends

He sat on the end of his bed, holding the apple with both hands. Confused, he put the apple on the duvet next to him, and looked at it. He had taken the apple because it looked sweet and juicy, as though it's flavour would be superior to all other apples, yet now the apple was here with him, he was reluctant to eat it.

"Why are you here?" He murmured to the apple absently, and to his shock the apple replied, "Because you brought me here." Draco jumped off the bed in surprise.

"Wha-what? You... You can talk?!"

The apple blushed. "Of course I can talk! Otherwise how could I talk to my friends? It's not as though I can write, I don't have any hands!" 

"Oh... sorry," worried about upsetting the apple, Draco sheepishly sat back down. The apple watched him silently as he twiddled his thumbs. He tried to think of something to say that would not offend the apple further. "So... What's your name?" Draco asked, and the apple smiled slightly.

"Alas, I don't have one. You can call me apple, if you don't mind," Apple shifted closer to Draco on the bed, and Draco grinned shyly. 

"Okay, Apple. Um... What's it like to be a fruit?" Apple appeared to be thinking for a moment, before answering.

"It's lonely. Life on the tree is great, but you never know when you're going to fall or be picked, and you can end up anywhere," She seemed a little saddened by a distant thought, so Draco searched for something else to say, but for some reason, he suddenly felt shy;  he wanted to be this apple's friend, but didn't want to scare her off be seeming too eager. Pansy Parkinson flitted through his mind, and it was only then he realised she had been completely forgotten. The feelings he had for her seemed somewhat dimmer; in fact, he'd say Apple had nearly taken over.

It was this realisation that made him say, "You're beautiful,", quite without realising what he had said. Apple turned a delicate shade of pink, beaming widely.

"Thank you," she murmured. Draco scooped her off the bed and gingerly kissed her bright green skin.



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