To Infinity {Liam Payne}

"I love you."
"I love you too."
"To infinity."
"And beyond."


2. ~Tessa~


   I was walking towards the waterfront, going about my daily business, when I was stampeded by men in black carrying cameras around their necks. The flashes were blinding but they had gone as quickly as they appeared. I shrugged and thought that it was just Hedley in town or something. 

   When I heard screams, I turned my head around to see a herd of teenaged girls running towards the boardwalk, heavily decorated signs in tow. When I saw a few with the words One Direction, I knew I was in trouble. 

  "Shit!" I exclaimed to myself. With One Direction came Liam, and with Liam came the apologies I didn't want to hear. 

  When the girls got closer, I realized that our destination was the same. The ferry terminal. I ran as fast as I could with my camera thumping against my leg, and made it before the fangirls could, but not by much. When I had just gotten through after paying, at least 20 girls scream ran into the same building as me. 

  "Where do they come from?" I was amazed at the amount doubled from the street. 

   The go ahead was given just as they got into a proper line, and I ran for the terminal. When the doors closed, the first few people were through and rushing to get to the ferry. Lucky for me, only a few of them made it. And there were tow decks, so I could brave the cold to stay away from them if necessary. 

  "Sorry," I apologized, bumping into a hooded figure on the top deck. Their phone came tumbling out of their hands and onto the hard deck. They picked it up and the screen was cracked.  'Fan-fucking-tastic,' I thought. 'My day just keeps getting worse.'

  "No, it's my fault," a British accent replied. 

  "No, I wasn't watching where I was going. It's my fault. And now your screen is cracked."

  "I should've been more careful, it truly is my fault."

  "Can we just agree to disagree?" I asked. 

  "Why not." The figure stuck out their hand for me to shake. "I'm Liam."

  "Tessa. So what brings you to Halifax?"

  "We were headed to Toronto but our plane had to stop here because of the bad weather everywhere else."

  "Then you'll be stuck here for a another week. Sorry bud, but the weather will be here soon, so then you can't leave here," I apologized. I mentally slapped myself for apologizing. It's not my fault the weather in Canada can be all fucked up. Canadians were rubbing off on me more than I had thought.

  "Well that's not a terrible thing. It means I can get to know you a little bit better."

  "Did you just hit on me?" 

  "Depends. Did it work? But can we get to know each other a little bit better?"

  "Sure. I'll ask a question then you ask me a question and we just keep going until I have to leave. Sound good?" What the hell is wrong with me? I'm basically opening up my life to a complete fucking stranger! A really hot and British stranger, but a stranger nonetheless! 


  "Favorite color?" I asked. 

  "Purple. You?"

  "Purple too." Freaky.

  "Hometown?" Liam asked.

  "Wolverhampton, England."

  "Me too." Even more freaky. It's like Freaky Friday but worse. "Maybe you know someone that I know!" It's a possibility, but I doubt it. I would know about a hot guy like this if we did have some mutual friends. 

  "Where did you go to school?" I asked.

  "Wolverhampton, of course." 'Oh c'mon, don't start being a smartass now! I just started to like more than your looks!' I thought. 

  "No duh. This may be personal, but what's your mum's name?"

  "Karen." Weird. Liam's mum is Karen. Well, it's not an uncommon name. 

  "Have any sibilings?"

  "Two sisters. Ruth and Nicola." Now that is something I should be freaking out about. 

  "What's your last name?"

  "Payne. I thought you would've known." 

  "LIAM JAMES PAYNE YOU ARE THE WORST HUMAN BEING ON THE PLANET!" I screamed. I attracted the attention of everyone on deck, but passed the cry of outrage for practicing the lines for a show. No one bought it, but they went back to whatever they were doing anyways. 

  "What did I ever to do you?"

  "I don't know, maybe, PROMISE THAT YOU WOULD CALL EVERYDAY FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE UNLESS YOU WERE DYING?!" I was furious. I almost shoved him off the ferry, but decided against it, for I was not one to want to go to jail for murder. Especially not with all these people there to witness it.

  "TESSA! I can't believe it's you!" Dumb as usual. He never caught onto things when we were younger. Looks like nothing changed. 

  "I can't believe you. You're a disgrace to humanity! When you pinky promise on infinity it's a little rude to break that promise!" 

"Look, I'm sorry," he apologized, "but between singing and touring and writing books and making videos and signing albums and visiting home in limited off-time doesn't leave you much time."

"Apology accepted. But you are not forgiven yet. So when are you heading back to the UK?" I queried.

"In a few weeks," he told me.

"Me too. Maybe we can meet up there?" I wondered aloud.

"That would be great." He finished his sentence just as we pulled up into the terminal.

"I'll see you at home," I said.

"You too." 

"Too infinity," I whispered. If he heard, his actions said nothing to prove it. He walked to the stairs and left me and my thoughts, and with no number to call. 



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