She's Dangerous (Sequel to He's Dangerous) [COMPLETE]

Marcel was back but nothing was the same. It was hard returning to the way they were when they could barely remember it. Without Marcel Ella had to mature, grow up. Although growing up is exactly what Marcel wants to prevent. Once Ella starts growing up, she'll start making the same mistakes that Marcel did and he didn't want her to end up guilty over something
she had no intention to do. Life has been hectic since he got back and it's not calming down any time soon. Marcel and Ella are back in full action with new drama. Lies. Tears. Smiles and memories to be made. Want to follow them on their adventure? Read She's dangerous.


4. Two secrets

Chapter 3


   I laughed as Marcel and I ran around the house, desperate to escape each others clutches. 

   "I'll get you!" He warned as I shook my head, poking my tongue out at him. We circled the couch, Marcel standing behind it as I stood in front.

   "What's it going to be Styles?" I challenged as he smirked, placing a hand on the couch as he jumped over, capturing me before I could run. I screamed, laughing as I tried my best to push away from his chest.

   "You know how hot I think it is when you call me that.." He muttered in my ear as goosebumps rose, my heart rate increasing.

   "How did we fall in love Styles?" I spoke, smirking as I came to the last word.

   "It's our secret to never tell..." He whispered in my ear, leaving kisses down my neck as I shivered within his touch. The slightest smile tugged at my lips as I wrapped my arms around his tall built frame. Within a fraction of a second, his arms were tightly wrapped around as we let our hug last.

   "Please don't let go!" I whispered in his ear as he nodded, embracing tighter.

   "I would never!" He replied as I smiled, nuzzling my face in the crook of his neck.

   After a couple of minutes, I pulled my head back looking him in the eyes as my irises began glossing.

   "Sh, don't cry!" He whispered, wiping the tears that were on the verge of falling with his thumb. I smiled, leaning into his touch as he cupped my cheek, rubbing circles on the skin.

   "I just can't believe you're actually here...I feel like this is all one sick dream!" I spoke truthfully, my voice quiet and frail.

   "Listen..." He began, tilting my head up to meet his eyes.

   "I'm here, right in front of you and I will never leave you again. You're my love, the one person I was meant to be with. You're mine, angel, and I won't let anything harm you!" Marcel spoke as I smiled, my cheeks erupting in warmth.

   "I was broken without you..." I spoke so quiet you had to strain your ears to hear my soft voice.

   "I'm so sorry Ella, I never meant to hurt you! I was a wreck without you!" Marcel replied as I nodded, bringing both of my hands up to his cheeks, pulling him down so that our lips met. I smiled into the kiss as my hands moved from his face towards the nape of his neck.

   I crossed my fingers together, pulling Marcel closer as his tongue traced my bottom lip, practically begging for entrance. I slightly parted my lips, allowing access as our tongues fought in dominance.

   Marcel bent down, not breaking the kiss as he cautiously lifted me up as my legs wrapped around his torso. His hands set themselves beneath my bum, supporting me as I was pushed against the wall in hasty retreat.

   "N-No, You're still sore!" Marcel stopped as I nodded, looking at the ground. Marcel's hands still supported me as his touch made me quiver in delight. He wasn't wrong.

   "I'm sorry." I apologized Marcel looked at me bewildered.

   "You have not one thing to be sorry for..." He spoke, his lips moving but no words coming out after he finished. Had he wanted to say something else?

   He let me down, pressing his lips to mine before walking upstairs. I could have swore I heard him say 'I'm the one who should be sorry.'. What does he have to be sorry for? Is he hiding something from me?

   The thought continuously knocked at me before I pushed it away. We had an honest relationship. He wouldn't do anything that would make me upset. Would he? Of course not Ella, he's admitted his love for you so many times!

   I perched my eyebrows, taking deep breaths from our intense make out session. I looked towards the direction he walked away in. Why did something feel so off?

   Oh well. I slowly advanced towards the stairs, climbing up and finding my room. I was about to walk in before Marcel's voice froze my actions.

   "I can't tell her...maybe I should just leave without an explanation!" I heard his voice speak as I scrunched my forehead in confusion. So he was hiding something?

   "I can't tell her, once I tell her the first thing she's going to hate me let alone this!" He spoke, his voice slightly raising before he quieted down. Wait, hold on! He did two things? Tears gathered in my eyes as my heart began breaking down the center.

   "I just won't tell her...goodbye!" Marcel spoke as i heard the phone hang up quickly.

   "Tell me what?" I spoke, bursting through the door as anger was visible throughout my eyes. Marcel turned towards me, his eyes wide open.

   "Uh, nothing." He stammered as I sent a death glare towards him.

   "Marcel tell me what the fuck you did before I find out later and hate you even more for it!" I spat as he slumped his shoulders in defeat.

   "Well. When you kicked me out I went a got drunk. There was this girl there who kind of looked like you and well, I took her home that night. I'm so sorry!" He hurried as my mouth formed an 'o'. He had cheated on me?

   "Y-You cheated..." I spoke, not forming it into a question. It was a fact. Marcel had gone and cheated.

   "Ella, I'm so sorry!" He said, trying to wrap his hand around my wrist. I was to quick, backing up as pain soared through my thighs. I ignored the urge to scream in agony, staring at Marcel dead in the eyes.

   "What's the other thing you're hiding from me?" I spoke monotonously, as he sighed, massaging the bridge of his nose between his two fingers.

   "M-My parents are making us move..." He mumbled as my eyes widened. He's moving away from me? The rest of my heart cracked open as tears began pushing heavily against my eyelids.

   "What?" I gasped, tears falling from my golden brown eyes. I can't believe this. M-Marcel is...moving.

   "I'm so sorry angel! There is nothing I can do about it!" He pleaded as I let out a small laugh of unbelief. I rolled my eyes, sending him another icy glare.

   "Nothing? Can't you reason with your parents or something?" I argued, my voice rising with my anger.

   "Ella. I tried everything! Please don't get mad!" Marcel begged, taking my hand in his as I snatched it away harshly.

   "Oh, really? Do you remember what happened literally three days ago? I nearly got murdered so we could stay together. I knew that if I fought back he would have gone off and had Dylan kill you. I did that so we could stay together! Murder, Marcel! All you have to do is reason with your parents!" I shouted, tears racing down my face ferociously.

   "I remember, it nearly broke me. You don't understand my parents! They don't listen...sometimes I just want to. They drive me crazy!" Marcel groaned as my eyes widened, anger surging throughout my body.

   "Are you being real right now? YOU HAVE PARENTS MARCEL! MINE ARE DEAD!'' I screamed, my hands flying into the air.

   "I didn't mean it like that!" He quickly corrected, pulling me towards him by my waist. I pushed myself away as hurt flashed through his eyes.

   "You know what Marcel?" I began, my mind begging my mouth to stop before I said something stupid but it was to late, "Go! You obviously don't care as much as I did!" I snapped, his eyes watering with my words.

   ''El-," He began before I cut him off. Please stop talking Ella!

   "No, I don't want to hear your excuses! Go find a girl, fuck her and break her heart just like you did me! I knew you weren't different than any other guy! I wish I never loved you!" I spat venomously, running out of my room and down the stairs. I had immediately regretted my last sentence as my head pounded.

   I was about to the front door when I collapsed in pain from my thighs. I cried, pulling myself up and limping the rest of the way. My hand weakly grasped the handle as I attempted to turn it. I just couldn't bring myself to do it. I had kicked Marcel out...again.

   Footsteps echoed behind me as I looked back.

   "I'm so sorry Gabriella," He spoke, both of us surprised he used my full name, "Just know that I will always love you!" He finished, leaving a kiss on my head before opening the door and walking out. He had walked out. It only took me three days to over react yet again.

   "I-I'm done living this life...I'm just done..." I whispered, an idea flooding my mind. I found a piece of paper, and a pen beginning a note.

   Dear whoever finds me,

         If I had known you than I am so sorry. I never wanted this to happen but my

      big mouth got me in over my head...again. I have something to say to every-

      body so get comfortable. Harry. Please, please do not blame yourself for me

      doing this! Not one percent of this is your fault! I let my attitude get the best of

      me, causing me to lose who I love. I'm sorry Harry, I'll always be with you, just

      keep me in your heart. Emma. We have grown to be the greatest of friends.

      You were always there when I needed someone to lean on and I'm so grateful

      to have you. I'll miss you boo! Last...Marcel. None of this is your fault either. I

      had gone and did what I'm best at. Over reacting. I love you more than God

      can explain and I hope where ever you move that you find a girl who makes

      you as happy as you made me. You were truly the best boyfriend a girl could

      ever have and I love you. I'll look over you.


         So, to all who read this. I'll be dead. I-I'm sorry.


  I finished, my tears dripping on the page as I set it on the table. I removed all my clothes, leaving myself in my undergarments as I walked out into the cold November air. I pulled the pool cover back, taking a deep breathe. I found something heavy, tying it to my leg as I looked up at the sky, tears travelling down my cheeks.

   "I love you Marcel!" I spoke before stepping into the pool, drowning to the bottom as the cold water numbed me. As hard as I tried to surface I couldn't and I lived out my slow, painful death that Dylan had wanted for me.

   Goodbye world, I thought before everything blacked out and I was declared unconscious.





Thoughts? Can you say dramatic? I can, psh honey Im the queen of drama;) Anyways comment down below what you think and things you think should happen:) Okay, love you, bye :D Xx




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