She's Dangerous (Sequel to He's Dangerous) [COMPLETE]

Marcel was back but nothing was the same. It was hard returning to the way they were when they could barely remember it. Without Marcel Ella had to mature, grow up. Although growing up is exactly what Marcel wants to prevent. Once Ella starts growing up, she'll start making the same mistakes that Marcel did and he didn't want her to end up guilty over something
she had no intention to do. Life has been hectic since he got back and it's not calming down any time soon. Marcel and Ella are back in full action with new drama. Lies. Tears. Smiles and memories to be made. Want to follow them on their adventure? Read She's dangerous.


12. Promise. *unedited*




    I woke up to a room, blue paint covering the walls, a sterile smell inheriting it. I squinted, the light bright in my eyes as I groaned, flinging my left arm to my side. An immediate rush of pain rushed through my right now, as I took in a sharp breath.

   "Where am I?" I whispered to myself as I heard a chair squeak against the floor beside me. I closed my eyes, scrunching my forehead as I lazily flipped my head to face the source of the noise.

   "Why are you here?" I croaked, my voice barely above a whisper. Marcel looked at me concerned, moving beside my bed, trying to take my hand as I refused his offer.

   "Marcel...tell me the truth!" I spoke quietly, my voice cracking mid-sentence.

   "What?" He asked as I sighed, trying to amplify my voice as much as possible.

   "Tell the truth!" I spoke, my voice louder although is scratched my throat.

   He sighed, running his fingers through his mess of curls.

   " long have I been here?" I asked, my voice back to the barely audible whisper.

   " were in a coma for a few weeks." He spoke, his eyes looking at the ground as I hesitantly nodded.

   "'s almost six months..." I trailed off, not wanting to think about happy times. I already knew what he was going to say but I needed confirmation.

   "Yeah. Okay...well. Tom, the guy who hurt you...he wasn't wrong. When I first saw you...I didn't want anything to do with you, I tried to stay far from you but then one night I thought of something. If I dated somebody who I didn't care about...when Dan killed her, it wouldn't effect me..." He paused as my heart began beating fast. He had planned on getting me killed? That was a bullet to the heart.

   "I began hanging out with you and when you were failing Algebra, I truly felt bad for you but I thought of it as a time to get under your skin and snag you so I was protected. To my advantage you let me in and I was thankful. To be honest, I didn't think you were that beautiful and I thought you were annoying..." He paused once more as tears began flooding my eyes. So I was led on...gee.

   "I felt forced to hang out with you so I learned to accept it. I kept you protected because if you were gone...I'd be exposed once more. I told you I love you so you would believe me and wouldn't question my intentions. These intentions lasted until that very day you made me leave. That's when everything changed. Well, a few days before actually. I realized that I was consistently thinking of you no matter what and I found myself voluntarily visiting you. I enjoyed your presence and the way I looked at you changed. I didn't think of you as...not beautiful anymore. I looked at you and saw the most beauty I've ever seen and whenever we were cuddling in bed, I would just admire every shape and contour of your're beautiful even when you don't try. I fell in love and it hit me like a ton of bricks. I was completely and utterly in love with you. Instead of protecting you for myself, I protected you because I wanted you to be safe. I fell in stole my heart and Gabriella, please don't ever give it back!" Marcel pleaded, as I nodded although I still didn't forgive him.

   "So, you planned on killing me..." I whispered more to myself than anybody.

   "Yeah...well no, not at first! Dan would do the killing and I would pretend like it effected me but now...I wouldn't give you up for the world!" Marcel spoke as I attempted to comprehend all this information.

   "Y-You never loved me..." I began as tears began streaming down my cheeks.

   "Ella, it's not like that! For the first month or so it was fake but now I love you more than Romeo loves Juliet...more than anything!" Marcel spoke and as much as I tried to deny it, that warmed my heart. My love for literature had led to this moment. More than Romeo loved Juliet, was it really so grand?

   "Marcel...I trusted you!" I whispered, looking down at my arm which had a new cast to possess the broken space.

   "Please, don't let this effect what we have right now, that was the past. Don't let it define who I am now. You've changed me Ella, you really have!" Marcel pleaded as I sighed, shaking my head.

   "I don't know, this is a big thing Marcel." I sighed, laying my hand on top of his as his cold fingers wrapped around my skin. My skin shook at the current chill and I pulled my hand away, tucking it beneath my blanket.

   "I have a new cast..." I stated blatantly. Wow Ella, way to state the obvious.

   "Yeah, I got it in lavender just like your old one...I hope you don't mind!" He spoke, his eyes never leaving the ground. I gave a weak smile, nodding my head as a headache began brewing.

   "My head hurts..." I spoke, piercing the deafening silence.

   "I'll get the nurse!" He said, a smile forced onto his lips. He stood up, circling the bed as he picked up a remote and pressed on a button. I quietly thanked him as the nurse walked in, a clipboard resting snug in her arms.

   "How are you feeling sweetie?" She asked as I took in her appearance before replying.

   "In pain..." I lightly chuckled, attempting to lighten the harsh atmosphere. Her quiet laugh echoed through the room, all of the tension slipping back into it's original position.

   "Okay, well we're going to keep you over night to run some tests. This man did some pretty good harm," She giggled lightly as I gently nodded in agreement.

   "Yeah, he did..." I spoke although my voice was barely audible due to the commotion outside of the room.

   "If you don't mind, what exactly did he do? I just want to write it down!" The nurse asked as my heart began pounding in my chest. The nerves of that moment bit at my skin. I guess I felt as if talking about it would mean living through the pain...again.

  "Uh, I was pulled into a room and slammed against a bed. He kind of tore my dress off and before I knew it I was thrown against the wall. I slid to the floor and so many things happened in one large blur. I was punched on every inch of my body. His hand wrapped around my throat and lifted me off the ground, anything abusive and hurtful you could imagine, he did. At the end, I was on my knees, in extreme pain. He shot me..." I spoke, not wanting to explain the scenario in detail although I gave a pretty good description.

   Marcel looked at me, shock laced in his features. He hadn't known the full story. He had not one clue as to what that repulsive guy had really done. 

   "Oh Lord, you must have bad luck!" The nurse gasped as I nodded, forcing out laugh although I wanted to let my tears run free.

   "Okay, well...I am so sorry about everything that happened. We'll see if we can put this guy in jail. You can go to the cafeteria downstairs but be careful of your arm. As I said before, you'll be staying overnight so make yourself comfortable and in a few minutes the doctor should be in with some pain killers." The nurse smiled, sliding a paper from her clipboard and setting it on the table beside me bed.

   I nodded, thanking her as I weakly sat up. Marcel was quick to help, his hand supporting my lower back as his other gripped my arm gently.

   "Marcel, I can do this..." I spoke, loving the feel of his hand against my skin, but knowing all to well it would lead to me forgiving him to fast.

   "Ella, you've gone through hell, let me help you...please?" He asked as I shook my head, gently but firmly pushing him away. He sighed, massaging the bridge of his nose as I swung my feet off of the bed, pain searing through my muscles. I clenched my teeth, gripping the railing.

   The cold tile met my bare feet as shivers coursed through my veins. I took a deep breath before I pushed myself up, instantly falling back on the bed. I remained in my sitting position, aggravated at the current dilemma I was caught in.

   "Help?" I squeaked, not bothering to look at Marcel. I could imagine him nodding and soon after his hands were gently wrapped around my shoulders, cautiously helping me up. I thanked him, squeezing his hand as I tried to walk. I felt so...wobbly. I stumbled forward, both hands fisting Marcel's shirt as he caught me before I met the ground.

   "This is all my fault..." Marcel whispered and although he had meant it for his ears only, I heard. I blinked a few times, trying not to say anything to provoke him. I gave up, deciding on silence. In a twisted theory, it was his fault. His plan. HIS PLAN!

   "Marcel?" I asked, letting myself lean against his tall built, muscular frame.

   "Yeah ange-, Ella?" He replied, automatically correcting himself as I frowned. 

   "Uh, what was your...plan?" I asked, nervous of the reply the awaited. No matter what he says, I'm happy that everything turned out the way it did. Otherwise I would go on not knowing Marcel's dark secret.

   "I-well...I kind of wanted to create that first night we met but instead of beating the guy up, I wanted to do what I had that night. Walk up to you, you know? You always said that first night was magical and you were so upset, I thought it might make you happy...I'm so sorry! Nothing was supposed to turn out the way it did!" His voice rang through the silence as my stomach got little butterflies. I don't care how disgusting his reason for 'loving' me was, that was a sweet thing to do.

   "Oh. Well thanks?" I smiled although it came out more as a question.

   He nodded silently, helping me as I walked towards the door. As we stood in front of it, I weakly turned to look at Marcel.

  "Why aren't I dead?" I asked, catching both Marcel and I off guard. He looked at me shocked, our eyes boring into each others.

   "I'd rather not..." Marcel began before groaning and leaning closer to me.

   "You said you had nothing to live for. I guess that hit a nerve for him or something. He shot you in an area where no vital organs were. He missed on purpose, he wanted you to have at least one thing to live for before you died." Marcel spoke, carefully choosing his words as if he would say the wrong thing.

   "Is it true?" He asked as I cocked my eyebrows, looking up at the amazingly handsome guy before me.

   "Is what true?" I questioned back, my mind in overdrive as I tried to comprehend the simplest thing.

   "That you have nothing to live for.." He trailed off as I took a deep breath. Did I have anything to live for? My life has been crazy and full of hurt, is there really that much I could be happy with?

   "Kind of. You have to understand, at the end of every day I feel alone. Emma...she's barely around any more and I feel like we've grown apart. Harry got his own apartment so I can't see him like I used to, I miss him. I have practically no friends and then comes you. Marcel, I keep getting angry with you, upset with you and you hurt me so much more than you intend. Thing is each time you hurt me is another time you can't take it back and it all adds up. It's like were in this relationship and one day out of the year I'm treated like a princess, the rest I'm crying or angry. I just...kept on going so I could experience that one day over again..." I faltered, knowing it was a bit of exaggeration. He should get my point.

   Marcel solemnly nodded, his hands cold against my shoulders.

   "I'm sorry. This is why I told you that you should go find somebody whose good for you. I can't give you a future like you want. I'm nothing that you should be around. I'm so sorry..." He whispered, my ears straining to hear his words, each one breaking my heart.

   "You're right Marcel, you're nobody I should be around let alone be in love are completely correct!" I agreed, hoping he caught the bit of me being in love with him. No matter how much he had just hurt me, I had fallen in love with this dark and complicated man and I was to deep to crawl back out.

   "Let's get you to the cafeteria.." Marcel spoke after moments of silence. I nodded, gripping Marcel's arm as I was led out of the room and towards the elevator.

   When did everything go wrong?




   "I-I'm sorry. I love you!" He whispered, heading out of my room, down the stairs and out the door.

    Once I heard the door shut I fell into sobs on the ground, tears flooding my eyes. I sniffled, inhuman cries leaving my lips as I attempted to control the crying. But I couldn't. And I hated it.

   "Are you okay?" Emma spoke, walking over as she wrapped her arms around me.

   "I lost him Emma. I lost that done person who made me feel loved, and the saddest part? I saw it com ing all along!" I croaked, my voice weak as tears still leaked my eyes.

   "Ella. I don't think you'll ever lose him. If anything I think he's going to end up losing you!" Emma admitted, gently massaging my back. I thought about her statement, even more tears racing down my paled face.

   What have I done?


   *End of flashback*


   "Ella?" I heard Marcel's voice break through my memory. I shook my head, looking up at him as he looked down concerned. I hadn't noticed I was crying until I looked in the mirror wall. Tears rushed down my cheeks, leaving a cold path.

   "Yeah?" I spoke, my voice cracking badly.

   "Why are you crying? Is everything alright?" He asked, gently massaging my jaw with his thumb no matter how painful it was, it felt...good?

   "I just...had a flashback of that moment I told you to leave..." I sobbed, the sour memory returning in both of our minds.



   Silence lingered before us as the elevator reached the cafeteria's floor, the doors slowly sliding open. Marcel once more helped me, sitting me down as he went to order for me.

   I sat alone, goosebumps rising on my arms as I shivered. The memories had raced back in and soon enough I was sobbing louder, setting my head on the table as I cried any extra tears.

   "Ella? Ella? Are you okay?" Marcel asked, his hand settling on my back as a tray plopped down beside me.

   "Come on, oh my God!" Marcel spoke, his warm hand leaving my skin chilled.

   "I just, I can't keep-, life sucks...I-," I stuttered, sniffling crazily. I could practically feel the stares of the workers burning into my skin.

   "Angel, you'll be okay...I'm going to call Harry, hold on!" 

   "Where's Emma?"

   "She was here when you were in the coma. She stayed for days but I told her to go home and get some rest."


   Marcel nodded, walking outside of the cafe as he dialed Harry's number, pressing the phone to his ear.

   I sniffed, my watery eyes blurring his beautiful image as I looked at him. With struggle I saw him look over at me, sympathy and concern baked into his features. For a moment I set my head back down, imagining Marcel's appearance.

   Tattoo's covered most of his left arm, his right arm mostly captivated as well. His chest had different types but I remember the swallows an butterfly being my favorite.

   His emerald eyes sparkled and...don't even get me started. His lips were a beautiful...almost red color. His brunette curls were constantly falling in his face even though he always pushed the front up into a type of quiff.

   His hands were warm and calloused yet welcoming and soft.

   Everything about him was perfect and to love.

   "Harry will be here soon." Marcel sighed, plopping down beside me.

   "I need to do this just in case you leave me..." I spoke hesitantly, using my hand to turn his head towards mine. I leaned up, pressing our lips together as he hands immediately went to caress my cheeks.

   I smiled, his tongue tracing my bottom lip as I accepted access.

   Our tongues fought as butterflies ran wild in my stomach. His hands moved to my lower back, pulling me closer, my eyelashes fluttered against my cheek, my body keeping my eyes glued shut.

   After a while of kissing the man I truly loved, we pulled away as our foreheads leaned against each other. He looked into my eyes, his lips moving to form a word, although silence lingered.

   "Promise you'll never leave?" I asked, as Marcel stiffened, hesitating.

   "Promise!" Marcel agreed, sighing as he smiled, our lips pressing back to each other before I dug into my meal.

   I just needed one more kiss before deciding what to do about it a relationship anymore?

   "Promise..." I smiled to myself, thankful we had made a pact. 






hey guys, sorry for the sickish chapter but OMFG what do you think is going to happen to marella? DO I have any canadian readers? Im in toronto right now and I absolutely LOVE canada! I went to the CN tower and had dinner in the 360 restaurant and I get a toronto snapback in an hour or so, I love it !

I wish I could meet some canadian readers, if I have any :) any who, yeah hope you enjoyed anddd I love you guys <3 bye :) xx




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