She's Dangerous (Sequel to He's Dangerous) [COMPLETE]

Marcel was back but nothing was the same. It was hard returning to the way they were when they could barely remember it. Without Marcel Ella had to mature, grow up. Although growing up is exactly what Marcel wants to prevent. Once Ella starts growing up, she'll start making the same mistakes that Marcel did and he didn't want her to end up guilty over something
she had no intention to do. Life has been hectic since he got back and it's not calming down any time soon. Marcel and Ella are back in full action with new drama. Lies. Tears. Smiles and memories to be made. Want to follow them on their adventure? Read She's dangerous.


9. normal life

Ellas POV


   I woke up, loud voices disturbing my sleep.

   "She's not here!" I heard Marcel yell as I cocked my eyebrows. Who's not here? Is he talking about me? I heard another deep voice reply as I swung my feet off the edge of the bed as they gently landed on the ground.

   "What time is it?" I mumbled to myself, squinting my eyes as I made out the time. Are you kidding me? It's not even seven in the morning!

   "Way to early!" I muttered, pulling a smaller blanket around my shoulders as I stood up. My sweatpants hung low on my hips, the edge of my underwear peeking. I over-sized shirt fell to my mid-thigh. One sleeve fell off of my shoulder, one cup of my bra over half way visible.

   My messy bun as lopsided on my head, small curls falling down the sides of my face as I blew out a breath.

   "Ew, I need to brush my teeth!" I spoke quietly to myself as I trudged to my door, lazily throwing it open. I advanced towards the top of the stairs before the corner of my vision stopped me. They were cops. My eyes widened as I rushed to get back into my room, Marcel sending me a warning glance but luck wasn't with me today.

   As I tried to rush back, the blanket got caught beneath my feet and I fell backwards, tumbling down the stairs as my back hit the wall, sending my down the parallel set. I finally hit the ground, my body laying tangled as I processed everything.

   I slowly craned my head up, my hands weakly supporting myself as I shook gently.

   "I-ow-," I spoke as tears brimmed my eyes. I looked over at my arm which was oddly twisted, the skin purple.

   "Oh my goodness!" Marcel gasped as he rushed over to my aid. I grimaced as he helped me up.

   "Ella, your arm!" He spoke worried as I gave him a no shit look. I paused, looking up as I met the gray eyes of a male officer.

   "Uh, hi!" I mumbled as he stared icily down at me.

   "Young lady, I've heard you are the cause of three deaths, all within a seven day period. Now you know murder is a crime, so hands behind your back!" He spoke deeply as I shook my head, trying to move although my arm prevented me.

   "I-I didn't murder anyone!" I lied, hoping he hadn't caught me stuttering.

   "Young girl, you and I both now this is false!" He spoke calmly as panic coursed through my veins.

   "First off, stop calling me young girl. Second, thanks for your concern, my broken arm is fine!" I spat, anger building inside my stomach as I felt the need to blow off steam. Not to mention I was particularly sore from last night.

   "First off, you're young and a girl, get the image? Second, you brought it upon yourself!" He mimicked as I could legitimately feel the steam begin to blow from my ears. Well, from the cartoon me.

  "Damn it, I'm going to bring a lot on you if you keep up that ass act!" I spat, as he narrowed his eyes, staring at me.

   "Is that a threat?" He spoke, a small smirk forming on his pale lips.

   "Ella, stop it!" Marcel warned as I ignored his plea.

   "And if it was?" I challenged as I leaned in, my one arm crossing my chest in an attempt to seem more tough than I was.

   "I think were forgetting whose the cop here!" He uttered as I huffed.

   "I think were forgetting who murdered three people, oh wait lets add four!" I spat, gasping as the words left my lips. I just gave myself out. I gave Marcel a small glance backwards, his eyes wide as his mouth formed an o. 

   "And there's my proof, hands behind your back, you're going downtown!" He spoke, pulling out his handcuffs as I rolled my eyes, laughing.

   "That'd be easier if I could move this arm!" I smirked as he rolled his eyes impatiently. Next thing I knew he had painfully twisted my arm back as i was pushed against the wall. 

   "What kind of fucking cop are you?" I snarled, trying to get out of his grasp although the pain in my arm lessened my chances.

   "Hands off of my fucking girl! You have no damn fucking right to hurt her!" Marcel spat as the hands left my wrist, Marcel mercilessly pounding the officer as he attempted to fight back. I was smiling in victory before things took a turn. The officer was now on top of Marcel, sending punches to his jaw. Is he a real cop? Are real cops even allowed to do that?

   I was watching as Marcel flipped the cop over, pulling him up by his collar and slamming his head against the tiled floor.

   The officer chuckled, looking deep into Marcel's eyes.

   "You caught me, I'm not a cop! I'm  Ryder's brother back and he told me if he didn't get that little sexy lady over there, I would!" He smirked as I gasped, Marcel's eyes darkening. 

   "Which gives me every more the reason to kill you!" He spat, continuously slamming the guy against the floor.

   "Marcel, stop you're going to kill him!" I shouted, tears brimming my eyes.

   "Says the girl who killed three people!" Marcel spat, not even looking at me as I slumped to the floor, my arm throbbing as I cried for him to stop. Before I knew it Emma and Harry were pulling Marcel from the guy hanging onto his life by a thread.

   "H-H-Harry? Emma?" I gasped, looking through my lashes as I smile. They looked down at me, nodding as I stood up painfully. Harry held Marcel as Emma rushed over to me, wrapping her arms around me carefully as I smiled, setting my head on her shoulder.

   "Harry will deal with Marcel, let's get you to a doctor!" Emma spoke concerned as I was led into a car, desperate to know if Marcel will continue with his plan. If Harry is to weak to hold Marcel back.

   I was sat in the passenger seat, Emma running around to the drivers seat as we were immediately driving to the hospital. I thanked her, letting us fall into a silence as cars whisked past us.






   "Any color!" The lady smiled as I nodded, picking the lavender fabric. That would be the color of my cast. X-rays were ran and I had definitely broken my right arm. Great, my writing arm. This is just peachy.

   Eventually I got my cast on, the nurse handing me a large orange envelope with my X-ray scans within them. I thanked her, walking out as Emma and I rode home in silence.

   "Promise me I'll be the first to sign it?" She laughed as I nodded, finding a sharpie within my purse although it was hard considering I had never done anything with my left hand.

   "Here!" I smiled, finally grasping one as the purse slid off of my cast and onto the ground. I groaned, picking it up as I held my arm out as far as I could, the cap popping off.

   Emma gently wrapped her hand around it, lightly signing.

   You get hurt a lot don't you? ;) 



   She handed me my sharpie as I read her little message, laughing. I nodded in agreement as the door to my house had been thrown open.

   "Are you okay?" Marcel immediately asked as I was just entering the door.

   "Amazing!" I smiled as his eyes widened even farther.

   "C-Could I sign it?" He asked, dazed by the contraption many called a...cast. He looked like a small little kid staring at the largest chocolate bar a store could offer. I nodded, finding the same sharpie Emma had just possessed, biting down on the cap as I removed it, handing it to him.

   "Here you go!" I smiled, holding my cast out as he gently pushed the tip of the sharpie down onto the soft colored fabric.

   I love you angel<3

   ~marcel x


  My heart warmed at his gesture as he closed the sharpie, setting it on the counter.

   "Hopefully we can have a few normal weeks for a change!" He chuckled as I immensely agreed.

   That's exactly what we did. The next few weeks of our lives went completely normal.




Hey guys! Okay, so I have good news and bad news. The bad news as more for me but I want you guys to know and the good news is for all of us.

Okay, bad news first. There's this girl an she's my bestest friend in the whole world. We're like absolute sisters and I would've done a lot of things I regret without her. She's my best friend and whenever I need her all I have to do is call and she'll be there for me. That isn't the bad news. The bad news is she's moving...far far away! It will take her almost half a day to drive down and nobody in their right mind would do that every weekend. I just, I cried for what felt like years when I found out. It's going to be a rough time and I need you guys to cope with me throughout it all! My writing might get a bit sloppy (nothing to bad I promise) and there will definitely be some sad moments but its all just reflecting how I feel on the inside. Almost every single chapter I write reflects something I feel, just oddly portrayed.

Okay, for the good news :) I am starting TWO more 5sos fanfics! They will be complete oppisites! One will be like a dark version, the other a sweet innocent love story. I know how in my writing I tend to move quickly I mean come on, Marella admitted their love for each other within one month of dating but these two stories will hopefully be a bit better set. Im very excited to write these considering I love 5sos so much! It's kinda nice to write about them so please do go check those out! Also, we all know Christmas is coming soon. I was thinking maybe as a gift I could purchase a papella of the original he's dangerous and have a contest so one of you could receive a copy, what do you think? Would you like that? Anyways, yeah :) These fanfictions will be up as of tonight so keep an eye out, I love you all so much, you mean the whole world to me :) xx Byee XX





if you read this all comment your opinion on everything discussed.

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