She's Dangerous (Sequel to He's Dangerous) [COMPLETE]

Marcel was back but nothing was the same. It was hard returning to the way they were when they could barely remember it. Without Marcel Ella had to mature, grow up. Although growing up is exactly what Marcel wants to prevent. Once Ella starts growing up, she'll start making the same mistakes that Marcel did and he didn't want her to end up guilty over something
she had no intention to do. Life has been hectic since he got back and it's not calming down any time soon. Marcel and Ella are back in full action with new drama. Lies. Tears. Smiles and memories to be made. Want to follow them on their adventure? Read She's dangerous.


14. Move

( It'll get you in the mood )


Marcel's POV


   I loved her, not by the way she danced with my angels but for the way the sound of her name could silence my demons. Just one part of the statement was a lie...I hadn't loved her. I do love her. Never will that stop. My hands gripped the steering wheel in anger, thinking of Harry's lips touching Ella the way mine had.

   Images of her innocent eyelashes batting against her cheeks invaded my mind as a smile possessed my lips which her kiss still lingered on. Her innocence. It was something of another galaxy. She was my sweet and innocent yet oddly dirty girl. She had a heart of an angel but when it came down to physical contact between us, things changed. Her eyes didn't have that innocent sparkle in them as she would sometimes whisper dirty things in my ear.

   I shook my head, pushing my curls to the side as I attempted to vanish any thoughts I had of her. It would only make this process long and unbearable. She doesn't even know with each passing moment, I'm getting farther and farther from her. One day she'll realize I left, with the intentions of never coming back. One day she'll realize she belongs with somebody worth everything she has to offer. It hurts to leave, hurts more than anything physical I had ever endured. Then again, it's not love if it doesn't hurt.

   I thought about the change she had made on me ever since we met. I felt like I could conquer the world with my one bare hand as long as she held the other, supporting me. I never realize how much I truly love Ella until she's gone which has happened one time to often. 

   I heard a honk which caused me to snap from my fazed state as I slammed onto my brakes, just barely hitting a car full of kids. I let out a sigh of relief, thankful everybody was safe. I looked down at my phone which now had different digits meaning I would never hear Ella's precious voice ever again.





   Hours have passed since I left and I had no idea where the fuck I was going. I looked around, no sign of cars nor life anywhere.

   She's going to hurt herself. Remember when you ignored her? She tried to commit suicide!


   My subconscious reminded me as I took in a sharp breath. Images of Ella laying in a casket, a black dress adorning her figure raced into my mind. I was on my knee's in front of the brown box, crying. 

   I tilted my head up to look at the road as I gasped, swerving off of the road and into a ditch as my car rolled over. I groaned, my body tossed from side to side before it settled in a ditch. I felt something wet touch my shirt as I looked to my side. Water was seeping into the car. My eyes widened as I attempted to pull my seat belt off. As if I were in a movie, the seat belt was jammed it's position as water filled the car higher.

   I panicked, trying to wiggle my way free from it's grasp but luck wasn't with me.

   I love you Ella...

  My subconscious added, convinced I was going to die. I should have never left. In fact I should have never started liking Ella, if I would have ignored her, I would be banging girls around the clock, not drowning because of my love for some girl.

   But you'd rather drown loving Ella and live normally not knowing her...

   Argh, I have to do something about my damn mind.

   With one last push of luck, I smashed through the window, tearing my seat belt off as I swam through, pieces of glass cutting my skin. I had no time to wince before my car went completely under. I groaned, swimming to land as I hoisted myself up, my body soaked.

   Coughing up water, I fell onto my back, breathing heavily. My was Harry going to contact me?

   Next thing I know, my phone emerges from the water, ringing. I gasped, diving back in to possess my phone. It still worked! How is this even possible? I looked at the name. Harry was calling...

   "Hello?" I spoke, coughing up water, as I attempted to stop so I could hear him.

   "Are you okay?" Spoke a voice that made me knees go weak.

   "E-Ella?" I gasped, coughing up more water.

   "Yeah? Marcel are you okay?" She spoke, worry carved into her voice which made me smile.

   "There!" Ella shouted as a car pulled up to me, Ella jumping out. I glared at Harry as he shrugged. Ella ran over to me, grasping my arm as I pulled it away.

   I stood up, turning to face her as she looked at me in anger. Before I knew it a fist had connected with my jaw as I stumbled back, holding my hurt skin.

   "What the hell? I can't believe you were going to leave me without me knowing!" She screamed, as her hand flew up to slap me. I grasped her wrist before she could stop me, pressing her up against a tree trunk.

   "Try that again sweetheart, I dare you!" I spoke, my voice deep and low. Fear flashed through her eyes, tears welling. Was she seriously crying?

   "Marcel?" She whimpered as my grip tightened on both of her wrist.

   "What?" I spat as a tear fell down her cheek.

   "Y-You're hurting me..." She cried, trying to wiggle her wrist. Almost immediately my eyes softened and I let go of her arm. She took it back, rubbing the already purple skin. I stared wide eyed. I-I had just physically hurt her.

   "Ella, you know I would never physically hurt you!" I spoke worried, taking a step towards her and she instinctively took one back. My eyes widened farther as my heart began beating faster. She was scared of me...that was one thing I prayed would never happen.

   "Ella," I tried again, taking a step toward her. Instead of moving back she ran to Harry, wrapping her arms around him as he comforted her. I looked in defeat at my girlfri-, my friend whom I loved finding comfort in another.

   "How dare you tell her!" I yelled at Marcel, gently moving Ella out of the way. I fisted Harry's shirt in my hands, slamming him up against the car. Ella yelled for me to stop but I had been holding in all this anger and Harry was the closest male to me.

   "Look, I would be the happiest man ever if Ella loved me like she did you but she doesn't. She loves you Marcel and you can't just walk away from something like that!" Harry retorted as I growled, pulling him forward and slamming him against the car once more.

   "Marcel!" Ella screamed, grasping my arm as I let my arm fly back, throwing Ella off of it. All I heard was a scream and a splash before I tore my hands from Harry looking behind me. As of right now Ella was struggling to stay above the surface of the water, the strong waters enveloping over her head.

   My eyes widened as I ran down the hill, jumping into the water as a large gathering of water pushed Ella under as her flailing arms disappeared beneath it. This thing is deeper than I thought. I quickly swam over to Ella, wrapping my one arm around her torso as I pulled her onto land. She laid on her back, coughing and gasping for air. 

   "What do I do?" I asked Harry impatiently. Ella's face was beginning to turn purple.

   "Uh, I don't know try giving her CPR!" Harry exclaimed, rushing over to me as I pumped my hands against her chest. Almost immediately I was thinking back to when she tried to kill herself by drowning in her pool.

   "Ella?" I spoke, trying not to let the tears pool in my eyes although my action proved worthless. I sniffled, my hair continuously falling in my eye. I groaned, hurrying to her car as I thankfully found one of my shirts. I ripped a strand off, tying it like a bandanna and pushing my curls from my face. I hurried back, using mouth to mouth and before I knew it she was coughing up dirty stream water.

   ''Ella!" I gasped happily,taking both cheeks in my hand, as I held her head up. Her eyes weakly fluttered open to look in my eyes. I smiled down at her, my thumb gently caressing along her jaw line.

   "M-Marcel?" She croaked as I nodded, laying beside her as I held her close.

   "You were going to leave..." She whispered as I was hit with a shitload of guilt. I was going to leave a girl as innocent as Ella to fend the world for herself. What the hell is wrong with me? She needed protecting and somebody to help her through life. I'm not saying it's necessary I mean, hell she killed three people but Ella would never do something so horrible again. The only people she ever killed were the people who had hurt me.

   Her way of thinking was somebody hurts me, she kills them. I chuckled lightly to myself as Ella looked at me hurt. Oh shit, she thinks I'm laughing at her.

   "I'm sorry, I was just thinking! Ella, I am so sorry! I can't protect you whether I'm with you or gone...I don't know what to do!" I sighed, massaging the bridge of my nose between my thumb and index finger.

   After no reply from Ella I turned to look at her. She was staring at me, her forehead scrunched.

   "Why are you soaked?" She asked as I chuckled lightly, gently rubbing her arm.

   "I-I...I thought I saw you in the road and my car swerved off into the stream. I was stuck, my seat belt wouldn't come off and my door was jammed. I broke the window and tore my seat belt off, climbing onto land..." I said, sticking with the simple answer. She nodded, looking down at the ground.

   "Marcel, I don't want you to leave but I don't know if we can continue dating. I mean, I still haven't forgotten why you even started dating me.." She spoke quietly as another wave of guilt washed over me.

   "Ella, that all changed! I truly love you and I mean it! You're my other half!" I spoke truthfully as she nodded hesitantly, biting the inside of her lip which drove me crazy.

   "Marcel, we can't keep doing thi-," She began before I cut her off.

   "Let's move!" I suggested as Harry and Ella both gasped.

   "W-what? Marcel don't you think that's taking it to far?" Ella asked as I proudly shook my head no.

   "Think about it. All this drama because of the people around us, let's move the fuck out and start fresh! No more problems just you and I!" I spoke, my excitement growing at the idea.

   "Where?" She asked, still unsure of her answer. I could just tell...

   "Let's...let's move to Miami!" I exclaimed, excitement building in the pit of my stomach.

   "Marcel, that's across the country!" She exclaimed as I nodded my head happily.

   "Please! We could start fresh and be happy, like a normal couple!" I smiled as she laughed, shaking her head.

   "We are and always will be anything but normal!" She giggled as I laughed, nodding in agreement.

   "So will you?" I asked, hope building within me.

   "Marcel. I-,"










hey guys i know you're probably like omg that gurl is using the moving scene from after, copier! Well, no! I wanted marcel to suggest moving in with ella somewhere since I started the first he's dangerous I just found right now an appropriate time to so yeah :) also sorry for the chappie being short!


anywho, hope you guys liked it and love you <3 byee :D




if you read this all comment what you want her to answer.




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