She's Dangerous (Sequel to He's Dangerous) [COMPLETE]

Marcel was back but nothing was the same. It was hard returning to the way they were when they could barely remember it. Without Marcel Ella had to mature, grow up. Although growing up is exactly what Marcel wants to prevent. Once Ella starts growing up, she'll start making the same mistakes that Marcel did and he didn't want her to end up guilty over something
she had no intention to do. Life has been hectic since he got back and it's not calming down any time soon. Marcel and Ella are back in full action with new drama. Lies. Tears. Smiles and memories to be made. Want to follow them on their adventure? Read She's dangerous.


23. Merry Christmas +A/N



   "Wake up, wake up! It's Christmas!" I shouted happily, continuously pulling on Marcel's arm. He groaned, trying to wiggle my grasp off, although I wasn't having it.

   "Come on, come on!" I exclaimed, jumping up and down as if I were a little kid. He shook his head, groaning once more as I crossed my arms, playfully pouting.

   "Okay, I guess I'll go over to Jake's and see what he's doing!" I teased, walking out of the bedroom door. Before I could reach the stairs, I was pulled back into Marcel's chest, his arms wrapped protectively around me. I smiled, leaning my head back as I enjoyed the feeling of me being in his arms.

   "And where do you think you're going?" He whispered in my ear. a shiver coursing down my neck as goosebumps arose.

   "Oh, nothing. I was just going over to Jake's...he will actually want to hang out with me, maybe we can finish what we started..." I teased as I felt Marcel tense. His hand gripped me more protectively than before as if I were precious china, vulnerable to being broken. Well, that might be a bad example...

   "No, no. I'm here and I love you. I love you don't go, just stay here...right here." He mumbled, pressing kisses along the base of my neck as my eyes fluttered shut, my eyelashes gently tickling the tops of my cheeks.

   "I'm not going anywhere babe, never!" I murmured quietly as I placed my hands on top of his which were currently resting on my stomach.

   " let's go open presents.." Marcel spoke quietly as I cocked my eyebrows in confusion.

   "Marcel, we just moved here. There was no time to buy presents." I spoke, feeling as if I was missing some big picture. Marcel and I had spent half the night putting everything away, and yes we got the Christmas tree up and decorated but we didn't go shopping.

   "You're a heavy sleeper angel and I bought some things back in California!" Marcel whispered in my ear as I let out a barely audible gasp.

   "I-no Marcel! I didn't get anything for you, it's not fair!" I protested, as Marcel rocked us back and forth, a gentle ease along with the environment.

   "Angel, I don't think you realize you've already given me a gift better than anything I could have gotten you!" He said, gently moving my hair from my neck as my eyebrows forwarded, my mind trying to think of what I got him.

   "W-What did I get you?" I asked, completely oblivious to what he meant.

   "You came back, you gave me another chance even though I didn't deserve one. You gave me my one true love Nothing can repay that gift!" He whispered as a smile grew on my lips, fully reaching my eyes as I pulled away from his hold, turning around to face him.

   "I-I love you Marcel, so so much. Merry Christmas babe!" I smiled as he reciprocated my action, pressing his smiling lips to mine as I gently kissed back, both of us pulling away after a few moments.

   "Merry Christmas angel!" He greeted, picking me up bridal style, rushing down the stairs as I laughed, clinging to his tall structure with my one good arm.

   "Since the six month anniversary didn't go as I planned, we're going to do something special today!" He spoke as I nodded, gasping as I saw the large presents beneath the tree.

   "Marcel, that's way to many, especially just for me." I protested, shaking my head as I backed away from the tree. I felt a sort of material cover my head as I reached my hand up, smiling when I realized what it was. A Santa hat. I laughed, finding one as I pulled it over Marcel's disheveled curls. He laughed, his dimples indenting deeply in his skin.

   "Now, go open your presents!'' Marcel urged, gently pushing me over as I sat in front of the large assortment. I sighed, knowing I couldn't get out of this. I took the smallest box at first, ripping the wrapping paper open as the smile I wore, grew even larger.

   "Awe, this is so sweet." I praised, admiring each of cards.

   "You've always been a fan of cheesy things!" Marcel laughed as I playfully swatted him with the gift.



   I blushed, nodding in agreement as I read through every card.

   "Awe, I never knew you noticed so many things about me." I smiled, admiring how well put together this was. It was the cutest thing ever, oh my heaven.

   "I bought you some things as well but there are a few that are made from the heart." He educated me as I smiled, nodding.

   "Who knew you were so artsy?" I teased playfully, gently shaking the set of cards in the air.

   "Next." He smiled as I set the first gift down, moving on to another neatly wrapped present.

   "Bought or made?" 

   "Made." He answered as I nodded, carefully opening up the wrapping paper. Another gasp left my lips as I admired the many colorful envelopes.


   "Awe, this...this is so cute!" I smiled, emphasizing the word cute as I looked through them. I would honestly rather have these two homemade things rather than anything he could have bought me.

   "I know I'm not the best at telling you how much I love you so if you need to know how much I do, then opening the one that says open when you need to know how much I love you." Marcel informed as I nodded, leaning back to leave a kiss on his cheek.

   "Thank you, this will definitely help!" I joked, both of us laughing lightly.

   "Here open this one next. Its bought and quite frankly is probably better then these." Marcel flushed as I shook my head, turning around to face him. I tilted my head upwards to look at him, a stern yet amusing look overtaking my features.

   ''Nothing will be better then this Marcel. You want to know why? Because it comes from your heart! I'd take that over a million dollar ring any day!" I contradicted, as he smiled my lips reciprocating the small yet meaningful gesture.

   "Now, onto the next present." I concluded, finding the neatly wrapped present Marcel had pointed to. I gently slid it over to my crossed legs, peeling off the bow as I twisted my torso to face Marcel. I quickly stuck the bow onto his forehead before facing back around as both of us laughed.

   Although the odd gesture, I could tell he kept it right where I had forced it on. I tore the red paper apart, the loudest gasp of all leaving my parted lips.

   "No, no. You take this back right now, Marcel Styles you're crazy if you think I'm going to accept this gift!" I retorted, shaking my head wildly as I put the box in Marcel's hands.

   "First, do you know how absolutely adorable it is when you deny things like that? Second, babe. I decided to spend this money on you. I wanted to spoil you on our first Christmas together! I'm not taking it back and I'll make you use it. Even if I could, I wouldn't take a single penny back on what I spent on you." Marcel comforted, as I bit my lip, shaking my head.

   "Which is?" I asked, hoping to know how much he spent. Probably way to much.

   "Aw, not telling!" He smiled, bopping me nose as I playfully pouted, sticking out my bottom lip.

   "Nope, now take this!" He stood firm, setting the box in my arms as I shook my head.

   "Marcel, I can't-,"

   "I want you to angel, I didn't get you a gift receipt because I knew you would do this so you're stuck with it." He smirked as I sighed, my back slumping as I crossed my arms.

   "Fine." I forfeit, peeling the rest of the wrapping paper off as I admired the large white box.

   "A mac book, a fucking mac book. What are we going to do with you?" I mumbled as Marcel chuckled, his hand resting on the small of my back as I opened the box, pulling the beautiful yet pricey laptop out.

   "Well, since I can't back out. Thank you so much babe!" I thanked him, leaving a lingering kiss on the corner of his lip as I set it aside, moving on to the next item.

   "Only for you, literally. I wouldn't have spent that much money on anybody else!" Marcel joked as I laughed, my ears filled with a beating of my heart. What? I couldn't believe he bought me this.

   I mean, sure I wanted it but I never even mentioned it once.

   "Come on, next thing." He urged as I let out a silent laugh, taking the last largely wrapped box in my hands.

   "Come on, come on, come on." Marcel quietly chanted as I froze, looking back at him with one eyebrow raised. Our laughs mixed together as I nervously tore the wrapping paper open. I gasped, of course, quickly tearing the rest open as I picked the shoes up from the box.

   "Play converse!" I exclaimed.

   "Minion TOMS!" I shouted with joy, hugging them to my chest.

   "I only told Emma I wanted these, how did you know?" I ask, my eyes wide as the shoes pressed against the strap of my bra.

   "I know you, isn't that enough reason?" He asked chuckling as I giggled, turning left and right before setting the shoes back down.

   "Thank you so much!" I made sure to say, wanting him to know how thankful I was for everything.

   "One more thing-,"

   "Marcel, no I bet you this was already a fortune."

   "No, this one didn't cost any money."

   "Fine." I sighed as he handed me an envelope, my eyebrows forwarding with confusion.

   "Go on.." Marcel encouraged as I turned it in my hands, gently tearing the top open.

   I finally got it open, a photo falling out. I picked it up, looking at it as I held it next to Marcel's face.

   "Is-is this you?" I asked, my eyes wide as I remembered the very day I asked to see what Marcel used to look like.

   "Yeah. You wanted to know what I used to look like and well, I didn't want to show you. Merry Christmas!" Marcel smiled as I smiled down at the picture, admiring it.

   "Oh!" I shouted, rushing to my feet as I found the photo album with my pictures in it. I flipped through it, looking for a particular picture. Once I found it, I quickly slid it from it's protection, hurrying back to where Marcel sat.

   "What happened?" He asked as I smiled, shaking my head. I quickly put our two photos next to each other and smiled. It was like we were meant for each other. Marcel looked at the combined photos, smiling as a deep chuckle became audible from his lips.

   "I guess we were always meant for each other!" Marcel spoke, his accent deep and clearly audible as I nodded, tears swelling in my eyes.

   "Awe, don't cry angel." Marcel cooed, wrapping his strong warm arms around me as I smiled, sniffling as I leaned into his tight embrace.

   "This is the best Christmas ever!" I murmured quietly, leaving a peck on the curve of his jaw.

   "With the best girl ever." Marcel added, a heat rising to my cheeks.

   "And the best guy ever."

   "I think you win." Marcel challenged as I leaned away, my eyes challenging him.  

   "You wanna go Styles?" I laughed as I was immediately pinned to the ground, his minty fresh breath fanning over my face.

   "You seriously don't know how much you saying that turns me on!" He growled in my ear as I smirked, leaving a kiss teasingly on the base of his neck.

   "Really...Styles?" I smiled, suppressing the large urge to laugh.

   "Oh, no!" Marcel finished, his curls brushing my jaw as his lips attached themselves to my neck. I bit down on my lip as his warm breath created goosebumps.

   "M-Marcel.." I moaned, the blood rising as he teasingly kissed up and down my neck.

   "That's what you get." He spoke and I could practically see him smirking against the opalescent color of my soft skinned neck.

   "I-I-I'm sorry." I stuttered, my back arching as his hands gently massaged the low of my back, gently working beneath the loose pants I wore.

   "I-j-j, er-," I stumbled, trying to find the right words.

   "Wanna call me that again?" He asked slyly as I shook my head, his chuckle vibrating against my skin.

   "That's what I thought, Merry Christmas to me!" Marcel laughed, his soft warm lips meeting mine as I lost myself in what I called my drug.





   "Happy belated six month anniversary!" Marcel spoke into my ear as I gasped, my little kid eagerness on over drive.

   "I-I haven't been ice skating in years!" I exclaimed, admiring the slick ice, gently laughing every time somebody were to fall down, pulling a chain of people with them.

   "Do you like it?" He asked, his eyes focused on the large ring. I nodded my head excitedly as he looked over, chuckling at the excitement that has clearly begun taking effect on my previously tired demeanor.

   "Well, let's get skates." Marcel finally spoke after the long minutes of silence. I nodded in compliance, taking his hand in mine as we walked over to the average sized booth just outside of the rink. Being outdoors just added to the whole experience, the snow gently floating down over the skaters. 

   "Hello, what size?" The lady greeted us, a warm smile inhabiting her cracked lips.

   "I-I don't know what size I am.." I admitted sheepishly as the lady let out a quiet laugh, ushering me over to a chair.

   "Let's size your feet and we'll know instantly!" The lady advised as I nodded, sitting down as I placed my foot into the silver, metal contraption. I heard a shutter as I looked up, Marcel pulling the camera away from his face. I playfully glared at him, sticking my tongue out as he gave me a close-mouthed smile.

   "Okay," The lady muttered to herself, walking back around the counter to find my skates.

   I watched as her eyes searched the array, finally finding a pair of skates, a bright white as she pulled them out handing them to me

   "And you?" She directed towards Marcel, setting the skates in front of me as she looked over at him. Her head tilted upwards to meet his eyes as he tilted his head slightly to the side, probably trying to remember what size shoe he wore. It took a short moment but he finally told her as the lady nodded, quickly finding skates for him. I thanked the lady as Marcel took my hand, walking over to a bench right near the entrance.

   We sat beside each other, pulling our shoes off as we untied the laces to the skates.

   Marcel got his on with no difficulty, quickly tying them up. I, on the other hand, was viciously tugging the the skate with my one free hand, attempting to fit my fat ass foot inside.

   "Here babe, I think it works better when you have two hands!" Marcel chuckled as I moved my arms, allowing Marcel to easily pull the skate up, tying the laces together as he repeated the same actions on the next skate.

   "There you go." Marcel finished, sitting back up as he pressed a kiss to my cheek. I smiled, my cheeks red from the nippy air as we stood, walking over to the entrance.

   "Are you scared?" Marcel laughed as I looked over the skating rink, my eyes wide.

   "Just hold my hand, it's been years.." I said embarrassed as he chuckled, nodding as he warm hands found my cold ones.

   "Just hold on tight baby, I won't let anything happen to you!" Marcel encouraged as I nodded, stepping out onto the ice. To my surprise, I didn't instantly fall. Marcel gently pulled me along, as I repeated the feet action he was taking. Suddenly it all came back to me.

   "Let go of my hand, I remember!" I spoke determined as Marcel looked doubtfully over at me.

   "Are you sur-,"


   "Okay." He sighed, letting go of my hand. I began skating around the rink, occasionally twirling before finally stopping to where Marcel looked at me in awe.

   "Great so I'm going to be the one falling of us two!" Marcel joked as I cocked my head to the side.

   "I thought you could skate." I informed, curiosity laced in my voice.

   "I can but I just suck at it." Marcel admitted as my mouth widened, playfully hitting him with my casted arm.

   "And you were going to have me hold onto you!" I exclaimed, series of laughter leaving my chapped lips. He gave me a cheeky smile, clutching onto my jacket as a person whizzed past him, his tall built structure nearly tumbling to the ground.

   "Awe babe, come on!" I laughed, pulling him up as he legs wobbled, every second another worry that he might fall, pulling me down with him.

   "Hey, I think I got this, you can let go." Marcel smiled, nodding his head as he straightened his back.

   "Are you sure?" I asked, my voice skeptical as he nodded once more. Very slowly I let go and once my hand were completely off he started leaning back on his skates. His legs moved back and forth trying to stay upright but it didn't help. He immediately fell onto his ass, loud laughs exiting my lips.

   "Oh My, and you were just like-, what? And you fell!" I stuttered, doubling over in laughter as Marcel's blended in with mine.

   "Not everybody can be an expert!" Marcel stuck his tongue out as I smiled, leaning down to leave a kiss on his nose.

   "Stick that tongue back in and I might just give you a kiss on the lips." I teased as he shook his head, sticking his tongue out further.

   "That's fine, I'll go skating alone. With many guys in the rink. Guys who might take interest. Imagine what some of them can do with their-," I was cut off by Marcel gently yet harshly pushing me against the barrier.

   "You're staying right here and right here only." Marcel growled in my ear, as I bit my lip, my lips forming into a smirk.

   "I don't know Styles, that guy over there seems pretty damn interested, and he's hot, bonus!" I teasingly whispered in his arm as I felt his arms tense.

   "We're going" He spoke, his voice deep and raspy as I was suddenly thrown over his shoulder. I screamed, laughing as I pounded my fists into his back.

   "Let me down you bastard!" I laughed, trying to escape his grasp before realizing I couldn't. I felt Marcel sit down, never letting me down as he pulled the skates from both of our feet. Through the small gap in his arm,  I saw him carrying both of our shoes, handing the skates back to the lady.

   I was suddenly placed in the car, Marcel driving as I lounged in the passenger seat.

   "What was that for?" I pouted, pulling the shoes back on that Marcel had just placed in my lap.

   "First, it's the biggest fucking turn on when you call me Styles. Second, I couldn't take it. Ella, whenever you do that you play every insecurity I have about us." Marcel sighed as I looked over at him seriously, sympathy clear on my face.

   "Marcel, I'm so sorry. I never meant it like that. I would never actually go and do something with anybody but you!" I reassured him as he shook his head, speaking.

   "You almost did with Jake. I was the only thing that stopped you" Marcel said monotonously as my heart sunk.

   "Marcel, let's not bring that up!" I sighed quietly, as his hands gripped the steering wheel.

   "Come on Styles, loosen up. I love you and only you." I smirked, as he bit the inside of his cheek at the mention of Styles.

   He drove quickly home, pulling me into our house as I was pressed up against the door, his lips immediately meeting mine as I wrapped my one arm around him, pulling him closer.

   "Don't call me that unless you want me to fuck you all fucking day." He growled in my ear as a silent gasp left my slightly parted lips. His use of...colorful...words never ceased to amaze me. And although I would love his previous statement, it wouldn't be as fun with a cast on. Just saying...








This isnt as long as I wanted it but oh well...MESSAGE TIME!



Merry Christmas everybody, I hope you're having an amazing one.

I hope you got lots of amazing presents and got to spend time with all of your family. My parents are actually working and I have to wait til the 27th to open gifts but I don't care. At least I can share this Christmas with you guys :) If you don't celebrate Christmas, happy holidays and I hope you have a safe, happy day :) Love you all so fucking much ♥




If you read this all, comment the presents you got.


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