She's Dangerous (Sequel to He's Dangerous) [COMPLETE]

Marcel was back but nothing was the same. It was hard returning to the way they were when they could barely remember it. Without Marcel Ella had to mature, grow up. Although growing up is exactly what Marcel wants to prevent. Once Ella starts growing up, she'll start making the same mistakes that Marcel did and he didn't want her to end up guilty over something
she had no intention to do. Life has been hectic since he got back and it's not calming down any time soon. Marcel and Ella are back in full action with new drama. Lies. Tears. Smiles and memories to be made. Want to follow them on their adventure? Read She's dangerous.


27. Infinite +A/N



   I sat on the couch as Marcel walked back in, his arms wrapping around me from behind.

   "Your surprise should be here soon." Marcel spoke quietly in my ear as I nodded, leaning my head back to rest on his shoulder. We stayed in that position, silent for a few minutes which was nearly the death of me. Thoughts of the dream raced back into my mind, as I forwarded my eyebrows. Annabelle. Annabelle. I let out a scream, jumping forward as I felt Marcel jolt in surprise.

   "Are you okay babe?" He asked as I shook, goosebumps rising as I thought about it.

   "S-S-," I stuttered, unable to form a proper sentence.

   "Sh, don't worry baby. Everything will be okay!" He hurried, ignoring the way I kept quiet. he quickly walked around the couch, wrapping his arms around my petite body as I trembled in his arms. His hands rubbed circles in my back as my forehead pressed up against his collarbone.

   "Do you want to talk about it?" He asked as I sniffled a few times, shaking my head, never lifting it.

   He touched his lips to the top of my head, a sweet simply gesture before emitting a quiet okay. Another thing I loved. He didn't push me for an explanation. it was necessary. He knew whatever I was thinking was better kept untold until I was ready.

   "I'm just going to go upstairs to, uh, bed." I sighed, finally pulling away as our lips met in a short, yet loving kiss. He nodded, smiling as he extended his arm, letting his fingers slip from mine once the distance was to far. I took a deep breath, nervously gnawing on the pink of my lip as I hurried up the stairs and into our room.

   Once I was in, I closed the door, stripping from my clothes as I was left in nothing but a bra in underwear. Clothe's are over-rated. Putting nothing else on to cover my body, I slipped beneath the warm covers. I shivered, the cold air constantly trying to penetrate the warm bubble I've built. I tossed and turned, constantly scared of falling asleep but also extremely tired.

   My heart raced in fear of what I could dream of this time, although nothing could be worse than what I had imagined before. I nervously looked over to where the dress suspended but instead of a dress, it was Annabelle. I screamed, pulling the blanket over my face as tears began racing from my eyes.

   "Ella?" I heard her familiar sweet voice speak. With shaking hands, I pulled a partial amount of the cover down, looking at her. She looked at me confused, as I gave the same look back.

   "Are you okay?" She asked as my eyes widened. W-Was this not a dream?

   "No, Annabelle. Run, run as far as you can please!" I heard my voice speak, only higher. My eyes widened even farther as I looked behind me. The thirteen year old Gabriella came running towards Annabelle, her hair disheveled as tears streaming down her face. I looked down to realize I was laying on the cement of a sidewalk, the sun beating viciously against my bare skin.

   "Why? Gabriella, what's going on?" She asked as she grasped my arms, trying to get me to speak.

   "Run far, far and don't come back please. I want you to be safe, run please! They, they got my parents, run!" I sobbed, falling down onto my knees as the way I shook was obvious. 

   "Gabby, tell me what the hell is going on!" Annabelle declared, as the older version of me grimaced. Gabby. Everybody had called me that but after my parents and Annabelle's death, I changed everything about me. Including my name.

   "They're going to get you, run!" I shouted, pushing my arms against her as she stayed planted. Tears sprang to my eyes as I rewatched the moment. This was the moment Annabelle died. I watched as the me many years ago cried, shaking her head. She tried to get Annabelle to run but it was useless. I looked behind Annabelle, gasping. Their faces. One looked so familiar but I just couldn't lay a finger on it. Each hidden with a black hood, their faces unidentifiable. I jumped, screaming as a gunshot rang. My eyes widened as a sob caught in my throat. I fell onto my knees, screaming as Annabelle fell limp over my body which was crouched down crying. Well my thirteen year old crying body, as of right now both me's were.

   "Annabelle." Gabby had shouted, her body rolling off as Annabelle hit the ground. I saw myself look up at the clothed figures. They couldn't be much older than her. Maybe a couple of years.

   "This is your fault little girl." An oddly familiar voice spoke before the whole group ran away, leaving my shocked body to haul Annabelle to her feet. I shook my head, setting it on the ground as I squeezed my eyes shut.

   "No, please. Don't!" I shouted. It was useless, nobody could hear me. Witnessing my best friends death once was traumatizing enough, now twice. I was officially scarred. I blinked a few times and when I opened my eyes again, the scenery had changed. It-it was the graveyard again. I shook my head, standing on my feet as I turned around, running the opposite way. I knew what was coming and I didn't want to experience the pain again.

   "Ella, stop crying. It will get you no where." I voice spoke as I gasped, looking up at the Annabelle that would have been my current age.

   "Why are you doing this? Please, stop. I'm so sorry Annabelle. You were my best friend, I'm sorry!" I sobbed, not daring to look her in the eyes.

   "Ella, you're doing this to yourself. You're putting pressure on yourself."

   "How do I get rid of it?"

   "You can't. Once it's there, it's there. It'll stay with you forever until you find a different pressure to load upon yourself." She replied as I slightly elevated my head, looking at her.

   "Why aren't you trying to kill me?" I asked, my defenses still up.

   "Why would I do that to my friend?" She responded as I flinched. 

   Because I did, my subconscious so rudely added.

   "So, you're real?" I asked as she smiled, nodding. My eyes lit up with excitement as I was quick to wrap my arms around her. I could tell she was shocked at first but soon her arms wrapped back around me.

   "I'm so happy you're back. I had the most horrible dreams-," I began before a sharp pain spread through my abdomen. I let out a strangled cry, pulling away as I looked down to where our bodies met. Her hand was wrapped around a knife which had been plunged into my skin. I gasped in pain as she twisted the handle, my body aching.

   "Of course I'm mad at you, you selfish bitch. You led those people to me, you knew they would follow you but you still led them to me. I should be alive, you should be dead. I should be with your beautiful boyfriend, not you. I should have Harry crushing on me, not you. I should have everything you do but I don't. I'm dead because of you, and if I have to be dead, so do you." She spoke, hate laced into each word.

   "Harry doesn't like me. I told you to run but you refused, I tried to save you." I gasped, the light fading before my eyes.

   "You fool, of course Harry likes you. Ever since you guys met he's loved you, but of course you chose Marcel. Harry broke on the inside but was forced to hide it just so you guys could be friends at the most. He wanted to be the one to hold you in his arms but you rejected him." She spat as I scrunched my forehead in thought. It all comes together now. 

   "Oh my goodness." I gasped, realizing who Harry was talking about when he said he fancied another.

   "And Marcel. He's constantly afraid you're going to leave him. He acts tough but on the inside he needs somebody to love. I don't understand why it's you, you've broken him plenty of times. You are no good for him, Marcel never loved me and soon he'll get bored of you. Soon you'll be another one night stand that lasted months to long. He'll forget about you. Think about it Gabby-,"


   "Gabby, he's embarrassed to be seen with you. He's praying for the day he leaves you so he's the one who feels victorious. He watches you throughout the day, hate in his glare. He hates you Gabby, get that through your head. You are so naive.'' She laughed as I bit my lips, letting tears roll down my cheeks, some in pain, some due to the fact every insecurity I had about Marcel and I was spoken out loud.

   "N-No, he loves me." I spoke, my confidence in the statement slowly dimming along with my vision.

   "No he doesn't. You're pathetic you fool! He's playing you!" She shouted as her hand wrapped around my neck. I gasped for air as I was raised feet off the ground. I felt my face go numb as I was thrown against a rock. I looked at it, only to find it was my stone. Again. I cried, ignoring the pain. Why am I not dead? I should be dead. I sniffle, pressing the palm of my hand into my eyes to wipe the tears. When I remove my hand, I'm in a different place. The pain, and knife is removed. I looked forward only to see Marcel, Emma, my parents and Annabelle in front of me.

   "Kill them." A voice demands as the barrel of a gun is pressed to my temple. I shake as a gun appear in my hand. I shake my head, speechless.

   "Kill them or I'll kill you." The voice speaks as more tears press from my eyes.

   "Do it honey." My mother speaks, spreading her arms so that her body is exposed. I cock my eyebrows, shaking my head as my arms tremble.

   "It's okay." My father speaks as I take deep breath's. They want me to end their lives. They're okay with it.

   Closing both my eyes, I press my finger against the trigger, the shot making my body stumble backwards. I open one eye only to see my father fall limp to the ground. I bit my shaking lip, suppressing a sob. I shake my head and when I pull the trigger next, it's to my heart.



   I wake up, sweating as a long scream leaves my lips. Tears race down my face as I sob, quickly getting up to turn on the light. My knees shake violently as I pulled on Marcel's shirt, racing down stairs, away from the horror's of that room. Marcel's eyes connect with mine from his spot on the couch.

   "Ella?" He asks as I shake my head, frantically running around the living room but doing nothing.

   "No, get away from me." I scream as Marcel tries to grab hold of my arm.

   "Babe, what happened?" He asked as I shook my head, my feet tripping over each other as I fell onto the floor, curling up as I sobbed.

   "Ella, please tell me." Marcel asked as I shook my head, loud sobs exiting my lip. I felt a vibration in my chest, as another round of loud sobs left my lips.

   "He's going to get me." I spoke scared as I hurried onto my feet, pulling on the couch as I dragged it over to the door. I pressed it against the wood, making sure it wouldn't budge open as Marcel moved it back, trying to still me.

   "Who?" He asked confusedly as I shook, closing the curtains as Marcel pushed them open behind me.

   "Ella, talk to me." Marcel demanded as I froze, turning to look into his beautiful, vibrant green irises.

   "The dreams, I just can't!" I sobbed. Marcel was quick, moving his body in front of the knife drawer so that I couldn't open it.

   "What happened?" He questioned as I sniffled, my eyes wide as my eyes moved from the floor to his once more.

   "You don't love me, you want me to leave.  You're playing me. You hate me, you'll get bored of me and you're embarrassed of me." I spoke in broken fragments as tears leaped back up to my eyes. I wiped away the tears that threatened to spill as Marcel looked down at, his hand gently caressing my jaw.

   "Is that what you dreamed?''

   "One of them.." I replied, my hands shaking due to the odd coldness I felt.

   "Ella, it's just a dream. I love you and if you left I'd be broken. I'm not playing you I promise, I don't hate you I love you. If anything you'll get bored and embarrassed of me.." Marcel sighed as I shook my head, bringing my hands up to cup his cheek as he leaned into my touch.

   "I would never Marcel," I spoke, reciprocating the smile that had pulled on his lips.

   "Your surprise should be here soon..." Marcel smiled wider as I looked at him curiously.

   "What are you planning Styles?" I asked suspiciously, a small laugh added to the end so it lightened the tense mood.

   "Three, two, one.." Marcel counted down and once he hit one, the doorbell went off. I looked at him confused before walking across the living room to the door. I nervously pulled it open, gasping as I pulled my best friend into a hug. Emma.

   "Oh my goodness, thank you!" I spoke in shock, as Emma laughing embracing me back.

   "I missed you!" I exclaimed, squeezing the life out of my dear friend.

   "I missed you more!" Emma laughed giving me one last squeeze before she wheeled her suitcase in.

   "How long are you staying?" I asked, my eyes quickly diverting to her purple luggage before focusing back on her.

  "As long as you need me to!" She responded as I smiled, giving her another quick squeeze.

  "So, how about we use that movie ticket, and go shopping?" Emma suggested as I nodded excitedly, jumping in excitement.

  "Let's go get changed!" I smiled, pulling her by the arm up the stairs and into the room I dreaded. Less so when I had somebody with me but all the same. Without another word, we quickly changed into different outfits. I wore a white tank top, tucked into a floral skirt with my black TOMS. Emma wore a cute black dress with her gray TOMS. We both skipped on most of the makeup, settling for mascara and lip balm. Hm, hair. I let my waves fall loose, framing my face as Emma pulled her hair back into a high, sleek ponytail.

  "Ready?" I asked as she nodded, taking it as her turn to drag me downstairs. All with a cast weighing heavy on my arm.

  "When do you get it off?" Emma asked as I sighed, looking down at it.

  "Two weeks." I replied, running my fingers over the bumpy terrain. 

  "Marcel?" I called out, looking around. Where was he? I walked into the kitchen, realizing that there was a rose on the island. I cocked my eyebrows, looking at the rose closer. Once I read the slip of paper, and saw what laid between the petals I gasped, backing away from the rose. Was this real?

  "Emma?" I asked, my hand still over my mouth as she ran over. Without looking at me, she quickly read the letter and looked at the rose. The same surprised gasp exited her lips as smiles formed on both of our faces.

  "Marcel? Oh my God!" I spoke in excitement, my voice rising a bit higher. I turned around, peering back into the living room and when I turned around Marcel was holding something in his hands, the ring in the black velvet box. My eyes widened, my mouth falling as my breathing rate increased.

  "Gabriella Milburn, I'm the worst at showing it but I love you more than words can explain. After I changed, I thought I'd never find somebody who truly loved me for who I am. That was until I met you. No matter how horrible I was, you stayed. Yes, at first I had the wrong intentions but I'm happy I did because if I didn't, I wouldn't be fortunate enough to love you. You're the only person I can imagine myself with for the rest of my life. You're the other half of my heart. Every time we kiss it's like I'm falling in love with you all over again. You complete that barren space in my heart. Together we're a whole, together we're inseparable...infinite. I want to wake up every morning to your beautiful golden eyes. I want to know I'm the only one you'll ever expose yourself to. I want to know I have an endless supply of your kisses, hugs, You're my one and only Gabriella, I love you more than Romeo loved Juliet. I guess what I'm saying is Gabriella Hope Milburn..." He paused, bending down onto one knee.

  "Will you marry me?" He asked as tears flooded my irises. I stood in shock for a moment or two before nodding my head. Emma cheered like an idiot as Marcel wore a goofy smile, sliding the ring onto the finger. 

   "Oh my God Marcel!" I spoke through the tears, my voice higher than normal as I was wrapped in his beautiful strong arms.

   "I love you angel. I know it'd early but I've never been so certain about the way I've felt about somebody." He whispered in my ear as I bit the inside of my neck, nodding as I nuzzled my head in the crook of his neck.

   "I love you so much Marcel Styles." I spoke quietly as I imagined Emma's pleased look from behind me.

   "I love you to Gabriella, so much." He reassured as he squeezed me tighter.





OH MY FUCK! MARCEL PROPOSED!!! AHHHH IM ON THE VERGE OF CRYING!!!! LEAVE YOUR THOUGHTS ABOUT IT DOWN BELOW :D But dont expect no more drama, honey theres always drama ;)


Love you to the moon and back ♥ Happy 2014!



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